Why did this game die so fast?


I loved this game, it was tons of fun. I remember hearing bad things about it, but to be honest, I don’t pay that much attention to the bullshit that get’s spread around the internet. So I watched some let’s play videos of Evolve and decided to give it a try. I bought the $100 monster race edition and boy, did I get my money’s worth. I was paying a monthly subscription fee for EVE Online at the time and by comparison, Evolve just delivered what I wanted. The action, the strategy, the competition, the feeling of being in control of a huge titan beast - it felt great.

But then why did the game die so fast? Didn’t anyone else think it was a great game? Why did they leave?

Surely there’s something to be learned from this. Surely the devs have learned some lessons that they can use in future games. I certainly didn’t expect the playerbase on PC to be bobbing between 60 and 300 at the beginning of May. I could be wrong here, but I think the Developers weren’t expecting this either.


The games not dead until no one plays it.

We just went through this.


Its low on numbers but I wouldn’t say its dead.

In my honest opinion. Its a hard game that most people didn’t want to put the effort into and they got frustrated.


High learning curve

DLC model got a lot of flak

Large amount of cooperation and reliance with team mates for Hunters making solo play hit or miss.

First patch was slow to roll out after launch to deal with initial issues.

Concept is a bit of a hard sell due to the niche game play, unlike something familiar like CS:GO/COD.

  • Learning Curve

  • DLC Misinformation

  • Confusion

  • Soon™

  • Slow Patches (for a platforms)

  • Title Update Delay

  • DLC Price

  • DLC Quality

  • “Season Passes”


I died right there lol


I know how you feel. Loved this game since the small Alpha. But on PC it’s hard to get a game going. Hopefully, the TU9 update is so good that it brings the population from a high of 360 (the current Steam chart reading) to 5,000. Hopefully we can play this game like we hoped we would back during the alphas. But I doubt it.

I also understand why you are upset enough to spend time to make this thread. However, the majority of the people here will zealously defend this game until there are not enough players to fill a match and the servers go dark. You won’t find much sympathy here.

I just come by now and then to see if the game is coming back or getting shut down. I still install it whenever I reinstall windows. Just in case.

In the meantime, I recommend The Culling. You still get the thrill of a hunt and you can play on a team.


What does that mean?


They were talking about the micro patch or the summer update and in the end they just said soon tm and they keep using it like a troll


Macropatch dropped


A game is not dead till not one person touches it. I play it almost every day with different groups of people and the banter and competitive thrill is fantastic. Its people being misinformed and calling a great game dead that make the numbers low.

TRS are not sitting on their ass but doing everything they can to make the game a lot better this coming summer with I quote “The holy grail of Evolve builds” with new variants and who knows what else.

Best thing to do in the mean time is find groups of people to play with and you will continue to have a blast then hopefully the game will become more appealing and numbers will pick up on the new release.


How can you guys say this game isn’t dead? It’s a multiplayer based game and it has less than 100 players on PC. I loved this game too but you have to admit that it’s dead.


game is not dead as long as you are finding people even if it takes awhile


It takes 30 minutes to find a match that’s usually unbalanced.


but you found a match sooo it isn’t dead :stuck_out_tongue:



PC isn’t the main player base. While important, it’s not the majority. Don’t call it dead because one platform has hardly any players.


That logic is why the population is so low. No one, except you and a few hundred others apparently, want to wait around for a half hour in order to play an unbalanced match.


If I had to give. Reason it would be because some people wouldn’t agree on the amount of content in the game
Like some people think it’s bad that they only had three monsters on release but when you think about it there’s unlimited possibilities to the way you play the game and that’s what makes this game unique, there isn’t a set way you have to play
You can pick your play style
And also the roles fit a lot of people perfectly depending on their personality
But that’s kinda off topic
I think it was kinda hyped a bit too much and people were expecting this amazing game (which is what it is) but because it takes too much effort to learn the roles people can’t be asked.


I remember it took that long on ps4 a month ago too. Idk about Xbox though


Haven’t had a problem finding matches in a long time. But I know no way to check how many are on.