Why did [REDACTED] have to die? The Walking Dead *Spoilers*


Why does Glenn have to die!!! He was my favorite character in the whole show :cry: :cry: :disappointed_relieved: :rage: :cry: :confounded:


Shhhhhhhh. I’m making a thread to discuss this right now. I feel your pain.


your late :wink:


No I’m not, you’ll see.


what season? i knew he was gonna die but when i just finished s5




aww. lame. it had to happen eventually


unfortunately, Talking Dead said he will return in the future as either flashbacks or parts to tie the story up


I don’t think glenn is dead >_>
The other guy’s body fell on top of him, didn’t it? (Im not certain about this)
If that’s true, then the walkers
weren’t eating glenn, but instead the guy on top of him.
And i don’t care what they say, every major character that dies always shows up on talking dead, NO EXCUSE.
Pfft i don’t even call Nicholas by his own name.


I think that when Glenn and Nick flew into the Zombie horde Nicks body covered glenns which u could see by the Jacket which was teared appart it was Nicks and there a was bin behind glenn so he could go under it and try to survive there i really hope thats the truth because i really like glenn