Why did Evolve Fail?

TRS is, beside a development team, also a company. They need to be able to pay their employees. So even if they were informed on how things would have gone down the line eventually, it’s not just easy to say No.

From their perspective, they got the opportunity to make the game, which is something not many developers get the chance for. They entrusted the rest to 2K’s good will, after all, they bought it, nothing much more to say about except for TRS to focus on making the game as best as they can be.

I suggest to read this article, as it shows how hard it can be for a small development studio to make it big: http://kotaku.com/how-a-small-game-studio-almost-made-it-big-1696997142

Because saying No can sometimes mean bankruptcy, make people lose their job while also losing the possibility, the chance to make a game you would love to see played, enjoyed by people and hopefully, also made big.


I’m willing to accept this isn’t 100% TRS fault. Don’t get me wrong. I think think you can’t say they are 100% blame free too.

And if you’re 100% right, what’s not to say they won’t screw me over with a similar deal in the future?

What you guys are describing is how an awful lot of developers work, apart from the new trend of lots of self-publishing indie developers, there’s been generations of games with the Developer/Publisher relationship, with games I’ve purchased, enjoyed and never regretted owning.

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If I remember correctly, they themselves acknowledged that the DLC stuff wasn’t a good idea and they even managed to get 2K out of their comfort zone and made a triple A game Free to play.


I think the F2P move was more of a band-aid to a game that had less than 500 people logged in a few months after its release rather than a “this will make all our devoted followers happier”.

Ultimately, making a game free that all your existing fans paid for doesn’t really benefit them much, and in my case, it totally screwed me over :stuck_out_tongue:

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How so? Stage 2 was a completely different entity, aka Evolve changed completely different. Not to mention that Legacy Evolve is also only accessible to all those who paid for it. And in return, when/if Stage 2 goes down, only Legacy Evolve will still remain playable as well. And how can you be so negative against TRS for trying to revive a game, on trying to still make it work? People who bought the game also got major bonuses, which saved them a lot of time (and money) compared to F2P people.

And if you’re complaining mostly about the fact that people were able to test out the game and get characters you paid for, please know that, much like any F2P game, it requires a big big grind (on top of the extra boosts that need to be upgraded as well).


It’s sad to see you think that, since it’s obviously more complex than that, the Devs have been pretty open and honest with the community about everything they have done, I suggest you check these statements made by Macman, one of the Co-founders:

A little empathy could go a long way. :thumbsup:


It’s simply down to my first reply, a simple anger that as a person that pre-purchased this game for a not-insignificant amount of money, someone who jumped in 5 months later gets significantly more than more for far less money than I paid. I feel as an early investor I was taken for a ride and not cared about afterwards, only being asked if I want more stuff, I’m going to have to dish out more of my hard earned money.

Now, whether this is TRS’s fault, 2K or even THQ, evolve as a game for me is dead, and the above is the reason why. Once we’ve finished this discussion I’ll likely never visit this forum again.

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Well that’s not a positive outlook and tbh why come here to hate on the game when you’re going to leave and never come back?


You mean people who tried the F2P version of the game, a version independent of the original game, a version that got released 1 year and 4 months after the original game launched.

So, after 1 year and 4 months of having had access to the original, the one you were allowed to play to your heart’s content, you are angry that the development wanted to breath it a second life after so many abandoned it?

I mean, the horror for them even trying! Yeah you’re right that you are allowed to be angry, but do it for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.


That’s not my intent at all. as I said in my first reply, Evolve came up when talking about games with a friend, I checked out my steam library and wondered what as being said on the forums, saw this post literally asking “why did evolve fail?” followed by one of the early commentors saying “our opinions are a little biased as we’re the guys still here” so I just wanted to give that perspective that someone was asking for.


I understand that but there was no need to state that you were never coming back tbh that sounded a little rude to me.


[quote=“DarKastlez, post:89, topic:109430”]
You mean people who tried the F2P version of the game, a version independent of the original game, a version that got released 1 year and 4 months after the original game launched.[/quote]

No no, i’m talking about the price drops that took place before the F2P switch, the people that were able to buy Evolve at such a price that when then getting the Hunting Passes as well, giving them access to basically all the content, paid less than I had and if I wanted what those guys had, I’d have had to turn over even more money.

Please don’t get attack-like on this stuff. One of your forum group asked a question, I came as an outside to given an opinion.

I don’t think any of you are wrong to like the game, I’m not saying you guys are wrong. I’m simply saying that by being one of the pre-order people, I got the worst possible deal out of evolve.

See this:

Evolve Launched on Feb 10th, 2015, I paid 59,99 (just checked). By June, it was already down to a permanent price drop of 29.99, meaning I was already at a notable loss, in the september sale it was down to 14,99, meaning that someone hopping in a mere 7 months after launch of a planned long-life online co-op game could buy the game, both hunting passes and have access to more than I had as an early adopter.

I don’t mean to be rude in that way. It’s that I’ve invested more money into this game than a lot of people that came after me, and I feel like a kick in the face that if I wanted to gain access right now to that stuff, I’d have to hand even more money over, which seems unfair and a bad way to treat fans.

I’ve always been a strong believer of talking with your wallet, it’s about the only way large companies listen.

I once owned a brand new Renault Clio. The Renault dealer around here treated me like shit and gave me no help at all, once I sold that car, I swore I will under no circumstances ever own a Clio again, that is my way of dealing with being treated badly by a company, down to the whole “Fool me once” saying.

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A decrease in price point is not necessarily an uncommon thing with games, especially games that are mostly multiplayer focused but lack the playerbase. As the playerbase went down, so did the price point for it (in the hope to attract more people).

Same thing happened to Battleborn, even sooner than Evolve (in fact 2 months after its release it saw a massive price drop).

I can understand how you feel about this. But this is hardly comparable to a car, which you can enjoy on your own, compared to a game that needs other players to stay alive.


Edit: Lol I said something that @DarKastlez already said one post earlier, great reading comprehension skills on my part :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing to see here


You’re totally right too, I think the problem comes along when the price drop occurs before you feel you’ve remotely gotten your values worth, and that because of said price drop, those joining later get even more than you (since, back then, there was literally no way to ‘earn’ new hunters, if I wanted the new hunters, I’d have to drop another 25e ontop, putting me at a distinct disadvantage from newer players, which kind of sucks balls.

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I joined the game later, in September 2015, mostly because my system wasn’t strong enough to play the game on PC (even though I already had the base game). Sure, I managed to snatch the Season Passes for cheap during a Steam sale (what game or DLC isn’t cheap during a steam sale anyways).

But the main problem point for me, joining in 7-8 months after release, was the fact that the game was so complex, it took me a good 3 months before I even understood it well enough (and even then I learned new stuff everyday). However, by the time I was fully enjoying it (even when I started), playerbase was getting very low and matches were getting harder and harder to find. At that point I wish I was able to have lived in that moment of when it first launched where it was new for everyone, but I wasn’t alone.

Joining later and buying the game cheaper isn’t always a blessing, sometimes it can be more frustrating than you think.


The big issue now is of course that the game is abandonware, with no active development and the original studio gone, who knows if TRS even gets a penny from US limited sales now.

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TRS gets nothing. It’s like you hire a contracter for a fixed amount to help you, but in the end you still own the work the contracter has done and whatever profit that comes from it. The contracter gets the fixed amount that was agreed upon.


While I understand this, I think it’s just a little off-putting to sidestep gameplay all because of cosmetics, since they made up the bulk of the DLC. Then the only DLC hunters that I could see this applying to were T4 where at their release they were all OP.

But that’s like saying that you won’t buy a modern car because it has the option for paying for satellite radio.

I don’t see how it puts you at a disadvantage. The Skin was included in the pre-order but not the base game after launch.

It going F2P came out of the blue, not a months head notice where seller stocked up on editions of legacy. While it does put those F2P players at a disadvantage, it honors those who supported the game via buying a copy or being a loyal player.

If TRS wiped it for all, it would have shut down a lot of the hardcore players who put hundreds of hours and cash in the game. I can’t name another studio that went F2P or honored it’s playerbase.[quote=“Gimboid, post:70, topic:109430”]
Just the very fact that I gave turtlerock 69.99 and a month or so later they were saying "hey, you want this cool new content? (hunters), you can have it for 25! made me close the door on the studio for the rest of my life.

At that point the game was already dead, so sellers needed those copies sold in order for their investment, TRS had no say in the pricing of the game, other than the steam store which kept it at $40 if I recall correctly. [quote=“Gimboid, post:70, topic:109430”]
I loved L4D, and I really enjoyed Evolve, but at the point TRS started demanding I pay more money to gain access to more content

Because that content was expensive to produce, Someone stated above that a new monster costs around $250,000 to make. Then once T4 and T5 were done, they worked on free content, the variations. If they were the greedy bastards people made them out to be they would’ve kept on trucking through the $40 addon content. [quote=“Gimboid, post:70, topic:109430”]
nor anything made by this studio ever again. (I am a strong proponent of speaking with your wallet)

But once again, it’s not totally TRS’s fault. 2K did have strings on TRS, and thus they pulled out of Stage 2. TRS had little leeway with the publisher, and so you can’t blame them for everything.

And it’s one thing to hate a game off gameplay, but with your wallet is totally unnecessary. Gaming is about the experience, not the money you shell out of your paycheck. If money matters that much to you then you shouldn’t be playing games.

Not to mention, name 1 business that doesn’t need nor want it’s customers’ money. This is Corporate America, and unfortunately businesses don’t care about you, but thats why I love TRS, because they could’ve followed that trend by not releasing Stage 2, or not having our progress carry over. TRS does care about this community and the game Evolve. They had high hopes for it but shit got in the way, I don’t know what else to tell you.

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If you were upset that Stage 2 made every bit of content accessible without spending a dime then it shows you didn’t care about the game prior. Before Stage 2 the game was on it’s last breath. What would your reaction be if one day Evolve servers went dead and you couldn’t access that content anymore. Either way you would lose. TRS tried to do you a favor by keeping access to your content and allowing you to enjoy it longer.

But stop taking the idea that TRS is trash and wanted to personally seek out your enjoyment and ruin it. Especially by making claims about games they will produce in the future, saying that you wouldn’t care to even take a peak to see if they fixed the flaws in the past that you hated. That’s like ignoring a person because they didn’t agree with you on 1 point and now you won’t ever listen to them again.

That’s not how it worked.

Long story short, TRS made a deal with a publisher called THQ. THQ went under and had to sell off it’s assets (Evolve was one of them). TRS tried to buy themselves out but 2K stepped in spending 12 million for the title. They had full control over the game, but let TRS continue on the road they were on, but stepped in once DLC took place.

It really isn’t their fault, there is so much to their story that you don’t know.

Especially when TRS was forced into a contract because 2K owned the rights to Evolve. Do you really expect devs to abandoned their baby that they worked for years on all because of signing a contract?

Yeah in hindsight…

But if you place yourself back then when that deal was being made, TRS didn’t know the DLC prices. They didn’t know it would turn into a shitstorm. They didn’t know it would make you feel ripped off.

Otherwise “Lets sign this contract just so we can rip off Gimboid in 2-3 years, hehehe.”[quote=“Gimboid, post:82, topic:109430”]
And if you’re 100% right, what’s not to say they won’t screw me over with a similar deal in the future?

The fact that 2K isn’t involved means a brighter future, not to mention the stuff they learned from Evolve. Aka teh DLC shitshow, Free2Play, balance changes, quality content to name a few.

Indie devs don’t have $250,000 assets. They don’t have over 100 let alone 50 employees, at least when they start. And the 2K-TRS relationship was a fuckup that ended in a divorce. But one party should not take all the blame, but anything related to money is not TRS’s fault. Game content or balance issues were TRS’s fault. But you’re mix-matching the problem with the wrong culprit.

Either try and revive the game or let it die out in 1-2 months.

Once again, hindsight. TRS went into S2 with the best intentions of overhauling the game to try and bring it back to life, but fell short because of new problems they encountered.

As as an ex-devoted player, changing wait times from 20 minutes to 2 seconds made me happy.