Why destroy Jack's Satellite Spike?

So whats the point of destroying Jack’s lasers??? It just resets the reload immediately. So after you been burnt, why destroy it? If you dodge the lasers, don’t destroy it, let it keep running. See my point?? The reload should start when the thing runs out of time, no when destroyed. So the monster can destroy it, Jack’s laser cooldown starts once the laser actually runs out of time if it wasn’t destroyed.

Example: Just say the lasers last 30 seconds. Jack puts it down on the ground (30 seconds start). Monster destroys it 3 seconds later. Reload should START 27 seconds later, not immediately

Its almost like a laser spam you know

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The laser goes on cooldown the moment it’s placed. Destroying it is just a precaution to not be hit by it.


Shredder hit it right on the nose. The only real reason to destroy it is to prevent it from tracking you after escaping, or preventing it from hitting you.

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If you have fire breath you can just insta kill it as soon as it get placed.

Better hope you have hops.

Just blow it to bits so it won’t be a annoyance during a fight.