Why Crow is Not OP


First, let me just say I main Trapper (<50 rank as Maggie) and I love the design/function of Crow’s abilities. I’ll be using him quite a bit when the monster/map calls for it. Since the reveal, everyone is shouting about how these new hunters aren’t balanced and are OP, even though no one has used them. In regards to Crow…let me logically show why he is not OP:

Gobi - You need to get lucky or have the monster make a mistake in order to get a spot on it. Even then, only Crow can see the wildlife meaning the Trapper will need to communicate. If you play with randoms…turn your damn mic on!

Kinetic Long Rifle - Everyone is saying how this isn’t fair for the monster due to ignoring armor on charge-up shots. Let me explain why that is not true. The charge up shot is high risk/high reward…as in there is a fair chance you’ll miss the shot and now have wasted several seconds worth of damage. The weapon itself does not deal a lot of damage. Also, the gun’s charge-up shot is only worth using when the monster has armor, which is usually only for a short period of time if playing with a good group of hunters. Lastly, a Trapper should only be dealing damage as a last resort. Containing and CCing the monster is a Trapper’s most important role and what they should be doing 90% of the time.

Stasis Gun - This is the reason the Kinetic Long Rifle wont be OP as any competent Crow should be using this much more frequently so as to help the team. Once again, it is a high risk/high reward weapon. Should you risk a long charge up and miss, the monster isn’t going to be slowed and you failed your team.

My Opinion/Conclusion: Crow is a nice mix of Maggie, Griffin, and Abe. He’s just under Maggie in terms of tracking, close to Griffin in terms of monster slowing, and not as good as Abe in terms of damage. I would rate him as a “jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none” Trapper that rewards good aim.


I don’t think any of the new hunters will be any more or less OP than the current ones. Everyone is just wetting themselves at the descriptions of the hunters. Once you get your hands on them you’ll probably find they function somewhat differently than in your head.


Exactly right! I heard one person complaining about how Sunny was going to ruin balance because her mininuke launcher has the highest damage per projectile out of all weapons in the game. I reminded them the fact that it probably fires extremely slow which balances it out.


He seems like the Val of the trappers.


How do you know any of this?


A trapper who rewards people with good aim… Well guess I can’t use him. Back to using the lightning gun that aims for you. XD


Have you thought what happens if Crow is fighting monster with full armor, but having last piece of health ?
All he has to do is to score one charged-up shot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if for that one reason virtually every hunter team brings Crow from now on…


If you’re trying to debunk the rumors that he will be OP by saying that “nobody has used them” I’d like to point out that the same goes for your entire argument then, you have no idea if he’s balanced or not for the exact same reasons. You are speculating just like the doomsayers.


Agreed. I don’t know how you can be certain enough to the point of arrogant figurative laughter that he’ll be OP or not. Know something we don’t?


Lol I guess this would fall under the he deserves to die excuse people give when someone complains about being pounced last.


It’s basic logic…based off of how the Trapper class is designed in the game. This combined with the description of his abilities (including the statement claiming he does the least damage output of all Trappers) means we can make pretty clear assumptions on how he is balanced out.


Yes…because every team will now take a hunter that can capitalize on a scenario that occurs 0.02% of the time.

That’s like saying every team will have a Cabot since there is a chance that the monster could be behind a rock with a sliver of health left and no armor while dust tagged or tranquilized. Also, having an advantage in a very rare occurring situation does not classify as being OP.


lol if you’re using basic logic how about use the argument that it won’t be OP outside of a certain threshold because the Devs designed it to be so.

Your interpretation of how something will perform theoretically without any actual reference doesn’t seem all that logical.


You’re absolutely correct! I can only speculate as well. However, I’m sharing my speculation in the opposite opinion of those who are worried Crow is too powerful and unfair.

Yes, no one knows exactly how he plays, but based off of the Trapper role, how most high level matches work, and team dynamic…I believe it’s safe to assume he’s balanced out to provide medium level tracking, long distance slowing, and low damage (due to chance for missed shots, charge-up time taking away DPS, and the importance of using the Stasis gun over damage).

Also I do see how my title could seem as arrogant…not my intention. Gave it a name just to spark discussion with those who see his weaknesses rather than jumping to conclusions about him being OP. I edited the title for you.


OP claims already are ridiculous, no one has played as the new hunters yet, and all this alarmist speculation is frankly ridiculous. It refreshing (if not a bit absurd) to see posts already defending them, but I agree with the points you raised. TRS would not just release 4 blatantly OP hunters and break the game, it’s not logical and completely ignores the exhaustive testing employed prior to DLC release.


I just think these threads are pointless.

Wait and see. That is what i am doing.

I can almost guarantee, all the conjecture around these new hunters will be blown out of the water when they are actually playable.


Yeah I laughed as soon as I saw the op threads popping up not even a day after the article was released.


Always when I read “I am top 10,20,5,50,100” I start laugh too much and then I just run away cuz leaderboards sucks, too many hackers and too many “kings”. :DDDD

You must be really goooooood!!!


Stopped reading at high risk/reward, because clearly you have no concept of what a risk is. You didn’t hit and are punished how? There is no real drawback because guess what - everyone is missing shots constantly. Going with that cabot is also high risk and high reward hahaha


I think people just jump in conclusion, judging characters base on a wall a text. The fact is we haven’t know how they perform yet. And yes, i don’t know why people just keep braging about leaderboard right now, it’s a mess full with bot boosting and ragequitters ( sorry if you’re not those people)