Why Crow is my Favorite Trapper


Crow is my favorite Trapper for multiple reasons, he’s cool, Gobi is adorable, he’s fun to play as and with, and he’s overall a very good Trapper. The real reason I play him though is his style of play. It completely varies depending on how you use his kit. You can play the aggressor, always on the Monster, keeping him glowing yellow, keeping him stasised, doing health damage. Or you can play it passive, wait a choke points, constantly send out Gobi in one direction, keep the stasis charged and ready. Or you can play passive aggressive, chase hard then fall off, change between armor and health damage, using a charged and single stasis shot, send Gobi out constantly but stay at max distance. He’s just so vastly different than the other Trappers and makes him so enjoyable to play.

To those who play Crow, how do you play him?


I play Crow alot and it depends on the other hunter picks, monster and map how I play him.
He is just so versatile! I main trapper, used Griffin the most, but I enjoy Crow more.

IMO he is exotic and underestimated.


I play Crow differently depending on the comp. With Sunny I play more aggressively knowing that she can save me if I push too hard. With a Val I spam the smaller stasis shots until it’s tranqed, then go for health damage.


This pretty much.

I love Crow the best for his patient playstyle. With other characters there’s always an urge, always a thought at the back of your mind telling you to get closer… for maximed damage output but with Crow this really isn’t the case.
Crow can deal his full damage potential just fine from the maximum range allowed by the limits of his dome and sometimes even from across the map.
The only downside to this is occasional difficulty with landing the charged Stasis due to its travel time, but even that is another likeable aspect of Crow since it forces you to take your time and land your shots carefully.

I love landing precise headshots from fairly far away instead of trigger spamming.
I love taking my time to land a good charged Stasis shot.
I love chipping away at a Monster’s health damage from super far away when I don’t feel like going after him into a Monster-favored area.
I love always having the ability to at least deal some health damage when I threw a shit dome or Assault is doing a poor job.
I love chipping away at a Monster’s health that’s fleeing from us and may or may not have already gotten 1 or 2 armor bars back.
I loved learning not to spam Gobi whenever available and hope you aimed him towards a long straight direction but instead to wait and send him out as the best possible locations.
I even love just having Gobi on my arm as we wait for the Monster at the Power Relay, sending him out occasionally.

Crow is such a chill dude who, unlike pretty much every character, doesn’t benefit from getting closer to the Monster one way or the other.
That’s why I like him and that’s exactly how I’ll play him.

I hope Frank is proud of his brother.


I dig him tho I’m just starting to learn him mostly just play mags/wl mags still learning how to use gobi but I love the rest of his kit


I run him into chomp plants, Megamouths, and anything else that can eat me, because screw Crowbi.

lol jk jk


I mostly play Maggie, but when I do play Crow I focus on the Stasis. Get a charged stasis in on the monster, then switch to the long rifle and burst it rather than charge it. (I prefer helping the team with removing the armor so that they can start hitting on the juicy stuff. If the dome is bad and it’s clear we won’t be able to get through the armor, I’ll do charged long rifle shots.

So yeah, charged Stasis, Burst with long rifle, then when the stasis is about to go out I switch back and hit the monster with another charged Stasis shot.

I also absolutely love playing CCCT

Crow doing the dead stop stasis hits with Torvald’s Mortars raining down upon the monster with the Damage Amp live, and then post dome have Caira speed boost Crow and Cabot. Crow sending out Gobi and Cabot using Gobi’s visibility and the Rail cannon to deny the monster from feeding… Just gotta love it.


I really love Crow. Gobi as a tracking method is basically unparalleled in consistency when used in the right way. I also know it’s extremely annoying for the monster. Swapping between and landing shots with the Stasis Gun and Kinetic Rifle just feels… right somehow.

It’s mostly just gut feeling rather than actual evidence, but I like Crow so much. :smiley_cat:


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