Why choose normal Goliath over meteor Goliath?


Just a quick question and I’m not sure if it’s been answered. As I said, why choose OG over MG? The only downside to meteor Goliath that I can tell is that he is more visible, that’s about it.


OG Goliath deals more damage. Meaty is all about DOT and looking badass.


Meteor Goliath’s abilities are less damaging than OG, so it’s harder to combo someone down. You require the burn damage to do the rest of the work for you, and you need to mix it up with plenty of melee action. In general this makes it harder work against typical medics/supports.


OG has significantly (20%+) more initial damage on his abilities, so he’s theoretically more bursty and better for focusing down a hunter.

However MeteorG is better for winning in the current state of the game because the burn damage adds consistent pressure on the medic in between abilities landing from the monster.

You have hit on one of the big reasons why OG is getting such a huge rework to how he can move in combat in TU9.

He’s been too exploitable to be viable ever since Hunters figured out their meta for Hunt 2.0. (The way the game has changed since launch.)


Vanilla goliath is better in nearly every way that matters for winning a match.


I feel like this only holds true when Sunny isn’t on the team.


My skins can’t be used on Meteor Goliath. :smile:


I see, thanks everyone


Theres a reason you practically never see MG in the competitive scene, but do still regularly see Original Goliath.

I feel like (not stating you, just stating this in general/for the sake of the thread) don’t fully understand the context of how original goliaths “burst” works vs MGs “damage over time” due to a few specific mechanics of it.

The big problem is that with MG, youre A, trading up front damage for a DOT ability, but B, the biggest thing- is comboing the abilities just reapplies the same dot.

When goliath opens up on you with a flame breath, then comes in for a leap, and then follows it up with either a rock, or a heavy/charge- Wham bam thank you maam, hes done ALL of his damage, instantly, right then, there, and now.

The DOT of Meteor can do 240 damage over 6 seconds. But again since it just reapplies with successive abilities, doing a chain of combos means that hell do a LOT less up front damage, and instead of doing 2-3x dot damage, hell do 1-2 extra SECONDS of dot damage, which is like 40-80 hp.

SO if goliath had someone down to 3/4 hp, he could go in, wombo combo, and if he connects, get the down. If meteor goliath comes in, wombo combos- connects, the team now has 6-8+ seconds to react, and prevent that down. That’s 10% of the done time to get get the med gun out, get a heal burst off, get shields out, etc.

And lets put some stuff into FURTHER context. 240 hp over six seconds? that’s 2 nades from caira. Whats that, is Rogue Val there? that 240 hp, is now 120 hp. Is emet there maintaining a buoy field, your precious dot is now doing 10 dps. Was slim there? ONE healing burst, which again you’ve got 6 seconds to “Stress” about having to get off, completely heals back a FULL durations worth of burn.

On TOP of this, abilities like leap smash have a longer cooldown in combat- lowering your burst/dps/etc even more.

Theres a reason you almost never (I know, there will ALWAYS Be exceptions, but again, generally) see meteor goliath in any serious competitions- And a reason why players like Deanimate, Dylan, and Sky will pick OG over MG every day of the week.


True. True.




  • More damage
  • Shorter cooldowns
  • Less visible
  • “Slower”
  • Less DOT


  • More DOT
  • “Faster”
  • Less damage
  • Longer cooldowns
  • More visible


It really depends on your playstyle and/or enemy team.

While I do personally prefer Goliath, I don’t agree with the many posts above me that just make it seem as black and white as “OG has better combos so in the current meta he’s better”.

The thing about Meaty is that his total damage per ability is higher, but obviously takes 6 seconds to deliver that damage.
It may sound like an easy job for Medics to keep up and outheal that slow damage, but you need to keep in mind that those 6 seconds deliver serious pain and can’t be simply left ignored.
Therefore you force Hank, Val, Rogue Val and Caira to focus on helping their teammate much longer than for instance a quick shield tap for Hank to block the full ability damage.

It’s a very indirect advantage but I do believe Meteor Goliath’s strength comes mostly from the ability to spread out his DoT damage on all 4 Hunters (or at least the 2 most important - Medic and Support) and overwhelm them with the constant burn.
Sure, in the current meta he seems out of place and not worth picking over Goliath’s burst combo’s that can quickly chew through 1 specific target’s health, but in the long run it’s far easier with Meaty to drain the team of their shields, medgun or whatever capacity until they just can’t keep up anymore.

Or perhaps they have Sunny. If you hit 2 targets in a 6 second time period (super easy to do), be prepared for a literal disco inferno by the Shield Drone. It’ll just keep switching between targets to shield.
It’s not like you can really reliably time your abilities to hit the Hunter who isn’t shielded at just the right time, but it does constantly force the Shield Drone to keep shielding thus preventing it from recharging.

Also, Meaty’s Flame Breath is just pure heaven compared to Goliath’s. If as much as 1 tick of this ability hits you then you better be prepared to lose a lot of health.

I will admit though that Meaty suffers from stronk comps like Val+Sunny or the likes more so than regular Goliath. If you find yourself consistently facing competitive level teams, Goliath might be a better pick.
Actually scratch that. Just go Kraken.


(A) skins
(B) burst damage
© his jumps go faster so your not stuck in the air being shot especially with movement speed you’ll get away faster


Unless he combos it- Then his overall damage, even with the dot, can be less in a LOT of situations.



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