Why changing rewards all the times?


So I noticed that with every patch revards are being tweaked in some way.

For example, one of the Maggie rewards was follow Daisy for 600 meters (50 exp reward). After 1.1 patch it was changed to 400 meters and now it’s like… 120 or something meters. Other trapper revards, including dome monster 2 times are also changed (now you only need to dome monster once for 50 exp reward). I am mentioning Maggie because I usually play Maggie, I am not really familiar with rewards for other characters and I don’t know if they are changed in any way.

These changes have following consequences:

  • People level up faster because they get more rewards and therfore, more experience.
  • Character status in bottom left corner gets obstructed more often. I have seen people complaning about this, especially medics.

I am not really complaining, just curious as to what is the criterria devs set for rewards. Like… we want a person playing 10 minute game to have at least 10 rewards, so we changed the requirements so people get the rewards faster/slower… or something like that.


Medics need to stop relying on that. :confused: I forced myself to do full spins to check each healthbar in detail, and now it’s just instinct.


Wraith abduct changed, from abduct 5 hunters, now only one, it makes the hundreds of abduct awards I had feel less meaningful.

Most have been made easier, and a few harder, the devs want a certain average amount of xp, and there were some characters who made too little, and others too much, so they equalized them in terms of average.

50 aftershock awards in one game for the win.


Whats the point of having the info there at all then? Its necessary information for all hunters, and it should not be covered up randomly in the middle of an engagement. There’s no excuse for it. Its bad UI plain and simple.

At least give the monster the same disadvantage by moving the notifications to the right so the skill cool downs are hidden randomly.


Never said it wasn’t, did? :slight_smile: I just said that people need to account for the poor design.


It’s one single, centralized place to find all the info a medic wants in the middle of a fight, except for your teammate’s location. Unfortunately, the middle of a fight is also the most likely time for an award to obstruct it. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating to have it there teasing you with what it could be.

No, you don’t NEED it, but it’s nice to have.