Why change Hank's Laser Cutter?


Seeing new footage from Gamescom, I’m disappointed to see Hank’s Laser Cutter shoot out bolts instead of a pulse laser it was before.

The older design seemed more appropriate for the name because when you think of a Laser Cutter, it’s a continuous stream of energy like it was before, it just fit the name and relates back to the weapon looking like a futuristic industrial tool used to cut through hard substances.

I’m probably nit picking but I found the newer design change a bit of a downer. Was it changed for balance reasons?


It was that way, the new way, in the alpha and it worked just fine and personally I think it makes a lot more sense.


Oh, I didn’t get into the Alpha. :frowning:


Figured that based on your comment. But since they are showing off the new laser cutter doubt they’ll come after me for confirming it.


I liked the old solid beam style more myself.


Because the old style had this incredibly annoying high pitched whine. Every second Hank fires in the interactive trailer I cringe.


They couldve just changed the sound effect if that was the reason, idk why they changed it but the old style solid beam seems cooler to me, theres nothing wrong with the new one it just seems less unique imo


I just find the new design to be another generic machine gun type weapon, also the way the prongs open up is another change I noticed which I find distracting by taking up more screen space. I don’t know, the older one seemed simpler and unique. If the firing sound was so annoying they could of just lowered the high pitch noise.


FBI has been alerted. I would leave the country within 12 hours.


i loved the continuous stream(lol) sound was fine too for me?


Yeah, I preferred the old version, more unique. Hopefully it was changed because the next assault kit has a particle beam weapon.


Ive managed to get my hands on hanks laser cutter. Trust me, it feels very good. If you liked the Hyperblaster from quake 2/quake wars, you will love it.


The laser cutter fired out bolts instead of a continuous stream in the oldest trailer they released.

I’m not surprised that the continuous stream was just a placeholder.


I like the current design. It reminds me of the laser cutter in the movie Demolition Man. They used a laser cutter early on to cut people out of cryo ice blocks, then again at the end of the movie where Stallone and Snipes fight in and destroy the cryo prison. Love that movie! :smile:


Any info on this @MacMan ? I think the ghostbuster style energy stream was awesome! Why the change? :smile:


Someone crossed the streams.


I too preferred the old version to this new one. And I still don’t see why the sound was annoying to people. It sounded fine to me.


Maybe if sounded like this, I would have an objection.


It’s been changed for so long that a vaguely remember what the old one looked like, not to mention that it changed numerous times in the past for various reasons.


Hank was the first Hunter I played as when I got my hands on the game, and I really loved the red laser beam of death. The change to bolts reminds me of the Rivet Gun from Bioshock 2.