Why carrion birds weirded me out


When i played monster and fought a good hunterteam, the moment they lost track and i was able to catch a break n ate something the birds immeadiatly showed them where i was and the hunt began anew. I hate those thingies as a monster, but i think they are good gameplaywise. Keeps the game actionheavy all the time.

But, theres on thing i dont understand. They dont fly down when a critter is dead - they fly down when the monster starts eating. I mean, from all the time those birds had the chance to fly down to feed on a corpse, they decided it would be best when a 5 meter tall monstrosity starts eating it? It would make more sense if they fly down when the critter dies - i mean, it probably is a better gameplaydecision that they fly down when the monster starts eating, but hell, those birds really arent the smartest.


It’s also weird that they prefer to fly down when you’re eating smaller snacks (I believe), even if you’re eating the Glaciapod’s poop


Maybe because it’s not a bloody mess yet which is easier for them to eat or something like that? But I kind of agree with you, that’s weird. Maybe it’s like that so that the monster can’t kill a bunch of things and make birds show up EVERYWHERE and overwhelm the hunters?


The hunters can only see them in the sky anyways, its something small :slight_smile:


Typically carrion birds will actually begin to circle when they perceive an animal is dead or dying, so it makes sense that they would be seen when the monster begins eating


So, here’s a question. Do the carrion birds spawn inside of buildings and caves? Can’t ever recall seeing this happen


Yeah, its not about the gameplaymechanic itself, its more about why the carrions fly down when the monster starts eating, deciding it would be a smart move to cross a 5 meter giant in his meal, instead of flying down when the critter is dead and the monster gone


Haha, its also strange that while the monster sees the birds flying around his head like an old cartoon, the hunters see them way in the sky


I’m guessing it’s cause the dominant birds go to the carcass and leave the lesser ones to hover over for a chance at the scraps


I like the way you BS. But really that’s an interesting idea


I think monsters should be able to grab at carrion birds and eat them too! Om nom nom!


im totally in for teaching them in a lesson for trying to steal MY food!


Let loose the Trapjaws of War


I tried slapping the carrion birds around a few times, but as far as I know they sadly can’t be killed.