Why can't we ping when drop-ship doors open?


There are times at the start of the round where the drop-ship doors open and you are able to see the monster. There are also times when you fall down from the drop-ship, whether it be from the start of the match or re-spawn, and you see the monster. Why aren’t we allowed to ping when it would help immensely for the hunters? It would be a huge help in pub matches where not everyone uses mics and slightly easier for co-ordinated teams that don’t have to say “He’s South West-ish”.


If you’re on PC you can type or talk. As soon as you land ping in the direction. If people don’t follow spam ping :stuck_out_tongue:


I know you can ping afterwards, but there isn’t a legitimate reason for us to not be able to ping beforehand. Would you rather type in chat “Monster is SW” or just ping him when you are in the dropship?


Might be a limitation that TRS can’t beat out, but I don’t know. @MacMan @SlabOMeat


You know you can talk on the other systems as well right lol?


Poorly worded, but when I was talking on PC I was talking about the typing being limited.


I was just being an ass lol. I knew what you meant.


I don’t think you’re fully spawned into the game until about halfway through the drop, when you gain full control over your character (you unholster your weapon, gain flight capabilities, pinging, etc). I think it’s because you actually start above the ceiling of the map. Allowing pings at that height could cause problems.