Why can't we pick a side and play that side?

Why? Why hasn’t this been a thing since day one? Everyone asked for this. It is so stupid to queue up wanting to play Monster only to be thrown into a game as Hunter. Then you leave and start searching again and the game throws you into the same game you just left, over and over.

This is the 1# reason why there are so many games with bots in them. People leave because they get put into a game as Monster when they want to play Hunter and vice versa.

I DON’T want to play Hunter, i only want to play Monster. Why can’t i play what i want?

Where is the reason behind it?

I just joined a lobby with 3 guys wanting to play as Monster and the 1 slot that is filled by a bot gets the monster?

May I direct your attention to the following post:


To summarize the post above, this feature will be coming soon :smile:

This is coming out in an update in the future as MajorLeeHyper said. Question has been answered.