Why cant they do it again


I was on during trapper day on the wrong time And the same with the gold skin thing. I wanted them so bad cant they like do a one day event where they just spit out skins to everyone


What do you mean you were “on during trapper day on the wrong time”?


I was on all day except when they started or maybe i didnt play griffin but i didnt get the skins for Trapper Challenge


Did you have a My2K account and was it linked?


Thanks forum i wassnt sure if it was general


Changed the category to General.

Perhaps they will make another trapper event again in a year? I dunno. Everything is possible I suppose.


Id cry if its a year later


Better than never, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


But i was on and i might have played and missed it but i was on that sunday and didnt get it And i guess it would be better than never


…BLOOOODY HELL i have My2k i might have linked it laterrrrrr


Are you sure you played between March 19, 9:00 PM PT and March 22, 9:00 PM PT?


Im even more mad now i checked right when the gold skin challenge ended


yep and i linked it that weekend after i think


You can always try to submit a ticket to 2K support. It can’t hurt.


I pllayed Sunday from 12:00AM-10:00PM on and off but my account wasnt linked


a ticket? what do ya mean


Well, there’s your problem. As @TheMountainThatRoars suggested you could try to contact 2k support. They are your best chance of getting the skin… For free that is.




i finished


Cool, let us know what they say.

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