Why can't the harpoon gun be used on wildlife


No seriously, it would be so great to use it and pull back an armadon or a tyrant. I get why harpoon traps and the flame snare can’t be used on wildlife but why not the harpoon gun


I think it damages them a little bit but I agree


I know it damages but I actually want to pull the wildlife


Imagine the shear (pun intended) hatred when you put that life saving harpoon down against a monster as Maggie and it hits a reaver costing you the game… Hahahaha


Good thing we are only talking about the harpoon gun lol XF


Just saying.


I thought we were talking harpoons in general.

Griff can kill a mammoth bird with it though.


I put armadon. It must be the auto correct


A few of the hunters tools can’t work on wildlife.


Just the harpoon gun


the respawn beacon for instance



LoL. Imagine 2 tyrants flying out in the monsters face kaapouch!


i still love it when i’m playing Laz and i revive hostile wildlife. such fun.

one thing i never tried though. reviving a wildlife buff and seeing if i can get it again later. never actually thought of testing that.


Now that you mention that I don’t think I’ve tried that,i think it does bring back the elite wildlife think I might have done it on health regen tyrants before now that I think about it in the early days.


yea, it’ll still revive them, but i dont think you can get the perk again later though


It won’t work, is whatt I was told


I would love to do it on a nomad…


You cannot.


Imagine drawing a Tyrant out of the water by force


#get here you bastard and bite the monster! -Emet