Why can't I view players from recent games in Steam?


Being able to add friends from the recent games list in Steam is a key for networking. In a game that is ostensibly about playing and working with other people, shouldn’t this feature be available?


I wish it worked, but it doesn’t ever seem to. Not done it forever.


It’s not a feature steam has unfortunately.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an answer on this unfortunately.


This Steam networking feature did not work for Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2 either, when those games launched. This is foolish, because it’s a key networking feature. If Turtle Rock/2k care about the health of Evolve’s community, they should get it working ASAP.

The only thing we can do is apply persistent pressure. Keep bumping this and related threads to keep the issue on Turtle Rock/2k’s radar.


This is a feature steam has actually. It is Evolve that does not work with it.

For some reason I want to say the big alpha or beta, this feature was working, but it is not in the final release.


User profile > friends > players > current lobby.

Sadly this will only work when you are in the current lobby with them. No way to find people from recent games.

Edit: won’t work in game, you need to be in the lobby with them to find them.


Didn’t know that. Never seen it used/used it.


This is located in steam when you goto your profile, select friends, you should see all your friends and above that is 4 tabs, one is recently played with. That works for most games if you want to find someone you liked playing with.


So current lobby works?

Least we got something.


Yeah won’t work if you are in game.


I just tried this from lobby though, and it didn’t seem to work…does Character select screen count as lobby?

When I try it in-game, the menu says “You are not currently in a game with other players.” Am I on the right screen?


It’s just a part of the steamworks API that TRS isn’t using. It’s likely because it requires the server software to do some reporting, and can’t be done client-side. The dedicated servers are likely platform-agnostic, so trying to integrate a server serving up an Xbox game with steamworks probably wouldn’t work out very well.

Note: I’ve never actually programmed anything that implemented the steamworks API, so I’m just talking out of my ass given what I know of programming in general and running dedicated servers for steam games in the past.


Okay well that’s interesting. I guess it does give us some idea of the likelihood that this problem will be fixed (sounds unlikely because the problem is so complicated).


I’d hope that there’s a client-side implementation for the feature, honestly. I personally am not too worried about getting the feature in because we already have a half-dozen people or so that rotate in and out, but I can definitely see how it would be invaluable for people not already part of a community.


It drives me insane that this is not someting that is easy to access/functional. I agree that such a feature is critical for this game yet it either doesn’t exist or no one has any clue how to access it easily. Either way, it is a must have for this game & it’s community.