Why can't i see the alpha forums or can't connect to play on 2k games servers


what the heck? are there any mods that can help me with my problem. this is very lame.


It’s a alpha be honored to be a part of it


Same here. BibleThump :frowning:


You can try messaging @DamJess, I’m sure she can point you in the right direction.


i already tried


Fixed, apologies man


thanks but i still get the cannot connect to 2k servers


I am actually having difficulty viewing the alpha forums too. I tried creating a new topic and typing in “Alpha” under category but no dice. I’d love to give some feedback, I just don’t want to break the NDA.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the link in the e-mail times-out. I tried a few different times, even closed out the browser entirely and clicked the link again. I even tried it in Internet Explorer to see if it was a problem with the browser. So not sure what’s going wrong with the link token.


You’re fixed for the Alpha forums


I think I have the same problem. I just discovered my email today (sunday) and just got the game. Maybe I just don’t “see” where the alpha forum is? Its that or I have no access. I definitely need to find some info though, I was thoroughly lost in my first match.