Why cant i play the legacy evolve gamemodes and more questions?



Hi Im a founder and i wondered why i cant find any legacy gamemodes except arena, i thought founders would be able to play all the other old gamemodes too like defend,evacuation,nest and rescue.

And what happened with all the maps? now theres just four, and the map effects are gone in custom game?

Are the Elite skins removed from the game ? Cant find my Elite Wraith anywhere :sob:

And i also wondered about the chests/cases or whatever you call them, where do they go when you finish the periodic challenge ? And what do you do with them ?

And one last thing It would be pretty sweet if you made a monster exlusive for the founders that would be like the mother of monsters, or a Ancient Hunter or atleast make it free for the founders and make it pretty expensive in the shop. Just a idea I thought of :wink:

Is it Just me or have they made it harder for the monsters to play sneaky tactics :open_mouth:



Well, anyone can play Legacy Evolve and I forgot how to do it, so soon somebody will tell you. The other maps are going through some changes and they will soon be released to us.

Elite skins are not gone, they were updated and now they look even more awesome! :slight_smile:


Ok, Thanks. Cant wait until then ! :slight_smile:


Elite skins for monster are now unlocked when you get a monster to level 35 and a new something once you hit level 40.


Sadly, for what I know, the ability to play Legacy Evolve entails installing the whole 41 Gb game as it was, using Steam’s alternative client selecting options (ie, Betas).

So it’s far from ideal. I too miss the old gamemodes, which were far from balanced but were fun and something you could play with friends.


Whaaat :scream:



One of many.


Well i Had it all installed and now the game only takes 19 gb :neutral_face:


Which level do you have to be to get that prime? :open_mouth:


Yeah, precisely because the new version superseded the old one, as a patch.

So in order to get the old version, devs need to enable an option to install a different version of the game. Some games do this to enable you to play Betas, which are future versions. This case would be the opposite. But in every case, as per how Steam works, you can only have either version installed.

To sum up, there’s no point in installing Legacy Evolve even though you’ll probably be able to.


Elite items are on levels 35 and 40 for each character.


Sad Story :sob:


Thats level 40.


Life is like that. It’s easier to accept that things change and take things for what they are and not what they were. Without this update Evolve would be dead.
Besides, some things might come back eventually.


:expressionless: cry


Truer story never heard


Only get those if you’re playing Legacy Evolve. Rescue, Nest, and Defend aren’t in S2.

New maps are being made, and the old ones are being completely revamped just like the current four were. They will be coming back into the main stream here pretty soon.

For Monster’s you get Elite skins at level 35, and Prime skins at level 40. For Hunter’s, you get Elite WEAPON skins at level 35 (I think) and Elite CHARACTER skins at level 40.

They open automatically upon reception.


Ok thanks! um what can you get from the cases/chests?^^


Founders get all the characters they used to own, plus exclusive content now and in the future.[quote=“Noks_Poks, post:1, topic:91702”]
And what happened with all the maps? now theres just four,

They’re currently being worked on.

The progression system has been reset. If you want your Elite Wraith you have to get her to level 40.

When completed periodic challenges are consumed and give you a set number of keys. Sometimes 200, sometimes 150, sometimes 500, etc. They vary.

This would be a bad idea. New players would be upset that it would either take so long to get or they’ll just be upset that they can’t.[quote=“Noks_Poks, post:1, topic:91702”]
Is it Just me or have they made it harder for the monsters to play sneaky tactics :open_mouth:

A major objective of this update was to eliminate sneaking as much as possible. Small jukes are still capable but sneaking as a whole was meant to be exterminated.


Thanks ^^ Now i know