Why cant I do certain attacks in mid air? (Monsters)


Why cant i do Mimic, and lava bomb in mid air?


Mimic makes sense because you’d just be left floating there or falling, Lava bomb makes sense because of how the animation works. Behemoth straight up stops to spit it.


well falling while doing both of those things arnt a problem if you think about where you would land before you launch the attack.


I guess so, but it’s to prevent mishaps and exploits.


versatility is very important when you only have four attacks.


Cough pounce Cough Sneeze melee…


yeah but that only works if you arnt fighting more then one person at a time, assuming the other three(at the least) arnt attacking you.


Yeah but it’s still a “5th move” in my mind because it can deal quick damage if hunters get unlucky or just can’t climb to help etc.


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Actually you can do lavabomb in midair. After using rockwall climb to the top of it and as you go over the edge start your diving lavabomb! I always use climbspeed as behemoth which makes it a little easier.

It’d be nice if gorgy could use mimic while on a wall.


You can Lava Bomb right as you’re falling off of a cliff, co finding the animation while you fall. Though it’s considered an exploit.


remember the goliath rock/leaps smashs I miss it


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