Why can't I connect to games!?


Ive seen multiple people talk about this issue and I had this problem in beta too, but I thought that trs would actually fix their game before they released it. I was mistaken, because it seems as if no big name developers release complete games anymore. I was really excited about this game and preordered it. As soon as it launched I didn’t have many problems just a few graphical errors, but today I start up the game and I can’t find a game at all. (Just like the beta). Can someone please tell me how to fix this because all I hear from the devs is “we’re working on it” the classic answer for devs. Just like rockstar are still working on heists. But yeah, I’m American and have Verizon fios and I’ve tried everything short of switching internet providers. Someone please help.


What platform you on?


Please don’t be rude to the Devs, they are just trying to help. What do you want them to say, “Nope, sorry, can’t do it.”?

Anyways, what platform are you using?


Oh yea sorry. Xbox one


Verizon always have problems with ports and they refuse to fix them and game companies admit that but won’t fix that issue…so tell me who will?

At least I get to type this message while in que for a match


I have a problem with matchmaking on Xbox One, every time I found a match I get a message “your connection to previous match…”. The same thing happened at the Beta. Hope this will be fixed soon.


How do you know Verizon has port issues? Also do you know where along the line is the problem? Like the router or higher up the chain?


Would be hard to explain buts it’s on Verizon part I talkEd to them hundreds of times it’s an ez fix for them but they refuse to make things easiers(they still have good internet) u can’t fix it sorry for not being able to help

I know this because this problem happens all the time for me and I finally went to the Internet lookING on trusted websites and that’s the answer I was give