Why cant daisy attack things?


I mean its not like trapjaws dont have an attack animation, the only difference is that daisy can also be used to track, they could make her even do less damage than a normal trapjaw for balance purposed

Should daisy be able to atttack?

It’s not her job, she needs to be safely away from the monster. She’s utility.


Well shes not doing a very good job of staying safely away


AI is lovely, isn’t it? ^.-


She could attack wildlife at least.


Yeah, at least attack aggro wildlife


‘‘Ok lets go around the sloth’’

Daisy attacks sloth.

''SON OFA ***** ‘’


Personally, I think that Maggie should be able to direct Daisy (and control Daisy if Maggie’s dead).

Something like using the #3 slot to “ping” instructions to her (or even a wheel of commands like L4D’s voice choices).

A small bite wouldn’t hurt either. Her being able to attack (like a pitbull biting the monsters neck or even a chihuahua-like nipping at the heels) could interrupt a pounce or free a grappled hunter from plants/megamouths and provide a great asset.


It would be awesome if she could free ponced hunters or trapped hunters in plants


Easy fix: Only attack what the Trapper is attacking or attack what attacks the Trapper. Problem solved.


yeah but maybe only make her attack aggro wildlife not just sloths standing there… Menacingly


She really should attack. Even if its just small amounts of damage. I feel like jt would make Maggie worth taking again. She is kind of useless in most situations to me.


Well i think Daisy should be able to knock the monster of a Pounced Hunter


I can’t picture her going “Not ma job yo!”


That is not her job. ^.^


I agree with you on this. You should be able to command her to revive incapacitated teammates by pointing and pressing the “LB” button (XB1) on them. I feel like right now Daisy takes way to long to decide to revive and she always picks the worst time.


Maggie should have a defensive and agressive mode for Daisy, defensive is as she is normal the retarded AI dog, and agressive is she aims straight for the monster and bites into it’s leg doing similar damage as the wildlife trapjaws. Daisy can enter agressive mode when she turns red and when maggie is under attack.

When i first played evolve and played Maggier i was idssapointed that the Daisy button does nothing :frowning: