Why can not I win?



Tell or Say me a how to win playing for the monster without cheating, I’m already tired, I lose 60 times in succession (never won) playing for the monster, I played for all monsters. One hunter beat a minute, while the other players in the first stage with two strikes kill two enemies, smacks of mysticism, what to do?


Record a match and let me see what you do.


Well sir, i suggest you to see some youtube videos about skilled monster players. I made it myself and it helped, but monster isn’t my style.

Some casual monster tips:
You’re too weak lv1, just evolve and avoid being domed as much as you can

If you see a weak point, you can focus it while you’re lv2 and try to kill 1 or 2 hunters and it’ll boost your Exp to lv3.

Focus is an important thing while playing as monster, just don’t run around hiting everyone, try to take down a medic or a support depending on their comp, or even the trapper cuz whenever you kill a hunter, the dome’s time come down drastically (and when you begin to lose health also)

Hope it helps a little at least