Why can Mortar be used indoors?


Ignoring the problem of his long-range ‘skill shot’ being usable at <10m, why can he fire it inside caves?


Well, it doesn’t work well with ceilings and depending on the height might crash into the ceiling. Also his mortars are fired from his back, not from some far-off mortar cannon.


If you mean Torvald, this is because he has a portable, built-in device and doesn’t have to call in a mortar strike from the ship like Hank or Cabot.


Cuz the long range stuff is kinda bull, i mean the guy can drop them on himself, nothing really long ranged about that


They come from his back, as long as the ceiling his high enough he can use them anywhere.


The other assaults can use there ranged weapons indoor too, but they are not as good as there primer weapon at this distance. In this situation mortas have indoor the same damage, but you need to get quiet close and that makes it much more difficult to hit.