Why can i not play with my friend? PS4


The game won’t let us join each others lobbies.
Our menus also look different, like for example; he has a game mode called hunt where i have a game mode called Skirmish
My friend has the ultimate edition and i have the standard release edition.
We were able to play with each other when the game was first released.
We both have the latest update, and we can play online, just not with each other.


What are your NAT settings?


How do i check that? I am on PS4


It should tell you when you set up your internet settings. You can check by going to the settings on your PS4, scrolling down to network.


Make sure you both check. You want your NAT set to open.


it says NAT Type: Type 2


That’s your problem. Follow the instructions in the link to change it to 1/Open.


Thanks, I will try this


No problem, good luck. Make sure your friend does it too.


Thanks for the information.


Can a mod close this?


D E D. Dead! With a flick of my wrist and a swing of my wand…



Avada Kedavra!