Why Cabot is even a choice?

What’s the point in picking Cabot? We have Hank with shielding and barrage, Sunny with jetpack boost and shield drone. They both can deal nice amount of dmg as well. There is Bucket who can indepedently deal great dmg, he can even solo monster. And arena 400 dmg bonus? Turrets will reap monster apart before he manage to destroy them. And his rocket launcher is very effective now too. In Hunt Bucket’s drone is better than dust tag imo.

My point is amplifier is only good when u coordinate it well with assault. Amplifing mines, Hyde’s grenade, mortars will punish monster hard. But when assault is not capable to dmg (he’s dead, he’s noob using only minigun etc.) amplifier is pretty much useless. Rali cannon dont deal that much dmg and Cabot has nothing else. No other weapon, no shield, only cloak. The only thing is good that he can shoot through walls, but it is very situational thing.

He’s too unreliable to be good choice against veteran monsters while other supports are far more usefull. Personally Cabot is never a good opponent for me, I can just incap him first, since other supports have better self preservation (barrage when Hank is focused, shield drone protecting Sunny, turrets guarding area). His amplifier even makes him easier to see. And most Cabots I saw either playing with or against rarely takes higher positions. I don’t know why since I saw many hardcore Hanks, Sunny knowing excatly when boost or smart deadly Buckets constantly keeping turrets at monster.


Because you can co-ordinate with assault to deal some large damage (Like you just said). Let cabot know when you use mortars, and half the armour is gone. Cabot is a risky pick, kinda like Laz.


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You know what, I’ll point out this part of a thread me and another guy talked about. Maybe it will answer some of your questions/concerns.

Around the 211th post is when talk of Cabot begins. It’s a bit of a read, but you might find it helpful. It starts at BlackMesa’s post. Or below that, I’ll post the beginning of the analysis.


…So the Amp is only good when you use it right? Is…Something wrong with that? ._.

@Shin I demand that you never play Cabot again because your Amp will only work well if @ToiletWraith and you can achieve the most basic coordination possible- shooting at the same moment. ._.


The ToiletWraith speaks.
I agree, Cabot’s amp is used to it’s fullest potential only if you and your assault are coordinated well

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Ouch… Yeah, shooting is hard. Might not ever want to run Cabot if shooting is a requirement. Damn… And I thought he’d be easier. Like, not doing anything at all easy.

TRS trolling me now… Making me have to click my left mouse button. When will it end?

Picture describing what’s happening to me.


Which isn’t too hard. @Shin and I used to play Parnell/Cabot a lot together, syncing the Amp and having him in a good position was never that difficult.

And it’s easier to do with the others- Lennox is straightforward, Hyde too, Markov, Amp all the time unless he’s setting up mines or climbing something prettymuch, Torvald, just wait for mortars. It doesn’t require a MASSIVE amount of communication.

Cabot amp plus Jack’s satellite while assault is shooting at you = armor gone and some damage to health in a matter of seconds.
Once I was focusing JACK with Wraith full armor and he managed to put down is satellite spike while Cabot was amping and Hyde joined the party with a toxic grenade = all the s1 armour plus almost one health bar gone in a second.
If your team is good in bursting damage Cabot is still a good choice and he is also a lot of fun when a good Laz/Hyde/Lennox/Jack are in play.

Cabot is still not a bad choice.

Admittedly, now that Bucket is brought to be sort of on par with the defensive Support characters, I’d rather have Bucket in my team because his great damage output doesn’t rely on the Assault and can be used defensively to force a Monster away.

I’d prefer Cabot any day if not for his recent nerfs that were a little over the top. His Damage Amplifier only works in small doses now which shouldn’t be what it’s about.

Currently it’s low capacity but recharges quickly instead of what it should be: high capacity but with a super slow reload.
You know, so you can actually save the battery to deal a huge load of damage at once, instead of the “passive damage bonus” he now offers.
The damage doesn’t “mean anything”. It’s just somewhat of a passive damage bonus now and he doesn’t bring anything new to the table anymore in a sense that the Monster almost never has to prioritize targeting Cabot first for whatever reason.

And as far as his Railgun and Dust Tagging go… they’re a nice combination and work well together, but the Rail Cannon doesn’t do nearly enough damage to make up for the weaker Amplifier. All it can currently be used for is to deny the Monster from food by tickling him through a wall. The damage is laughable and the Dust Tagging is seriously meh.
Which again would be fine if not for the lackluster Damage Amplifier capacity.

I think TRS nerfed it because having high capacity, slow reload is too powerful inbetween domes. The slow reload is no longer a valid drawback because you’ll always have the Amplifier back to full by the time the next dome drops.


If you’re focusing Jack and he tries to put down a spike you know you can break it with one weak melee, right?

Cabot will work against a good monster if you pick a bursty assault to pair him with, like parnell or Lennox. That way your amp drain quickly and you can jump back on the rail to keep on dealing damage. A good cabot player never has the amp out more than 5 seconds.

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I personally have been winning more matches when Cabot is on my team compared to when any other support is.

The torture! >_<

Cabot is part of the face melt all or nothing kind of comp ,it’s a very high risk high reward kind of play that relies on stage 1 punish and then food denial and chase, putting the monster under massive pressure and scrambling his brain;)


just pick bucket

cabot only works with laz

wanna counter a laz cabot? just kill the assault

kill the assault against laz bucket? who cares bucket is doing more dmg anyway ^^

he could be good but its to easy to counter cabot

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Easier said than done though :x


Hardly small doses…

1.5 second reload initiation upon being drained instead of 3 seconds.

Buffed reload by 50% for a 30% decrease in capacity but that also translate to an additive 80% buff to the reload on drained batteries(reload ratio to capacity might have changed but I feel it was for the better) so a slightly smaller dose while being able to use it a LOT more making it less situational.

Cabot’s rail cannon has some horrible damage for such a capable looking weapon.


Cabot and Laz is bad combo imo. Assault will have no support’s aid and no consistent healing. Only quick big dmg output can save hunters there. Laz+Bucket is better since turrets aim weakspots (rail cannon cant) and turrets may punish or disencourage monster from certain areas. Cabot is easier to spot and easier to kill. When he cloak he cant amplify without compromising himself while Bucket’s turrets can dps while he is cloaked. Most combos like that I encountered went like Cabot is focued from beginning and pretty quickly incap. Even if there is elite descent player playing Cabot. Not every fight with Cabot end bad for hunters however.

He’s like Val for me. Not that bad, but other hunters in class are usually more viable choices.