Why Back 4 Blood should not only be a zombie shooter -

My best intentions are in mind, it is not to discredit B4B.
In terms of an action, co-operative shooter. this is THE Keyword… are you ready for it?


The success of B4B lies in this word, energies need to focus here.
There is great need to not only replicate but create, some new form of… Thrill
Why was L4D so Popular, and it still is = today.

  1. Something new
  2. Great action mechanics
  3. Thrilling
  4. ((low requirements, allowing many to still play it))

i. L4D pioneered the proper form of thrilling zombie games = simply that zombies, can run fast. there is not a cooperative shooter so fluid like this then. Very action packed.

iii. The shudder at the shriek of zombies, announcing a thrilling battle. It is scary, you need not to just shoot but run and shoot.

Evolve is a great game, why

  1. Something new
  2. Action + class mechanics
  3. Thrilling

i. Evolve pioneered the 4vs1 gameplay. even if they werent the first, it spawned other games, like Dead by Daylight. There is no other monster game out there like this.

iii. Hide and seek game? Who ambushes who? Thrill of Chasing a level 1 monster after finding it.
I remember the thumping sound of a level 3 goliath, marching through the forest.
The ground shakes as the level 3 Behemoth rampages your team, to the face. or that you just used up your jetpack fuel and the lightning strike of The Kraken charges at your position.

Now, Back 4 Blood

iii. thrill, is questionable, because we’ve played a Lot of L4d, and other zombie games, from dead rising to world warz, we’ve mowed hordes with m60s, explosives, so the level B4B to beat in terms of gun fights/mechanics, is very high. i believe it isn’t just a new uniform or remake of a game.

  1. Something new
    Sorry to say, but it isn’t.
    Dead Rising, Dying Light , Zombie Army Trilogy, Last of Us, payday’s GTFO, Killing Floor many more.

this path of B4B is a unique one, taking the success of l4d with a lot of competitors: there is going to be a LOT of scrutiny for B4B especially after what happened to Evolve(eventho its not ur fault) and the myriad of zombie games out there.

The question would be, what makes it so great for your zombie game? Is it just one to hit the shelves?

But no, I believe TRS always make a difference. I believe in you.

having zombies and “special zombies” is still too vanilla of an aspect from l4d2. instead, i am hoping the devs and wonderful designers will come with more forms of “Tanks” instead.

or Sub-tanks that can take on a 2 vs 4 gameplay. tanks that aren’t too strong nor too weak.

I’ve played the game Subnautica:
Did you know for a light coloured pallette of a game like that can be so thrilling?
What makes it so thrilling?

The unknown. (exploring the deep, and finding out mysteries.)

the baddies/monsters.
after awhile knowing that you have explored it all and even from wiki, u know there is not much left, the thrill subsides. whenever, there is knowledge of even 1 more monster or biome left unexplored, you become really enthusiastic, looting up and preparing all gears for this “expedition” but when you know it all, it becomes casual, no longer a thrill.

the phrase, a movie is only as good as its villain - so i hope B4B could use some of this, of what learnt from Evo to bring in some monsters. the question is also how to incorporate the story from a zombie viewpoint?

That’s why I was hoping this game should not only be about zombies.

There is only 1 aspect all zombie games have not achieved, but still, i doubt B4B is taking that direction. Many movies tried to achieve this, they can’t either but i know how. And it’s a secret haha, you have to pm me.

There is a need to balance Serious Sam + Alien:Isolation / Evolve for B4B
-a lot of things to shoot at is fun, but it may become too dumb like serious sam.

-having the thrilling exploration of Alien Isolation / Evolve require really large maps and lore. (and Lore is Not easy to write)

so, zombies/ things to shoot at + monsters: thats why I was really hoping / looking forward to the dark fantasy coop shooter, because it allowed these elements.

(this is also why half life 2 was so good, it gave the illusion of large maps when it isnt, lore, mystery-which is why HL3 never came out, it became too big to deliver, and that is often how Nolan ends his movies you see)

It has been a long time since I visited forums, but still, best wishes to ya’ll, we’re rooting for you with all carrots, potatoes, beetroots.

lets take time to appreciate these art

credits: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yqPvQ

point im trying to make is, despite many of the monster designs out there, TRS’ design is always unique, there is a different distinction about them. there is strength and panache in goliath, cunningness in wraith and sophistication in kraken, i find these monsters exceptionally well made/designed.
so i dont want B4B to just be another zombie game on the shelves, but again, standing out among the rest. so even if not this, i believe they have many ideas under their sleeves.

best wishes, from your friendly supporter.

edit: found out my 3rd forum anniversary was 3 days ago :upside_down_face:


I’m sure your heart is in the right place but I can’t bring myself to read a post that long :frowning:

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Just read your whole post and i haven’t give this much time to think but i kinda agreed that having thrill will be an excellent factor in the game

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TL;DR: Exciting gameplay is what made L4D & Evolve such enjoyable experiences…

For L4D a split second decision about whether to fight or shoot the horde when they announced themselves.

For Evolve, the thrill of the Hunt or being hunted.

That said, I have no doubt the devs will make a thrilling game. I just hope the publisher (or any future one they work with) will keep their grubby hands out of the development.


TLDR : keeping idea a secret till they are PM for details.


thanks guys: @Kathryn_James @Chickenprotector and @ScornfulEpex,
also the TL:DR is

both L4D and Evo brought these -1. something new to the table , 2. a thrilling game

so the point im making is B4B isn’t something new, and the “thrill” factor can be questionable since we have so many zombie games already. We’ve mowed hordes, exploded them. and there’s this payday’s GTFO in the making.

then sidetracked to a suggestion for different kinds of “tanks” , or hopefully some other “monsters”.

and balancing the game between explosive fun and also fear factor. explosive fun can be too silly and fear factor can be too slow or not action paced enough.
compare dead rising for explosive fun and silent hill for fear factor

we can probably see GTFO trying to achieve this balance

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Look i know you’re just giving your opinion but look. b4b is supposed to be a successor to l4d a simple zombie shooter. the reason i bring this up is that it should stay like that. If B4B had more than zombie other people would not like that. gotta think of the people who would not like that AKA me and 99% of all L4d fans and since B4B is pandering the L4D fans you can see the problem plus its also kinda why evolve died

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I honestly thought this was going to be a @Galactoid topic…


Thanks for your reply, however, i dont want to spoil some things, i’m perceiving what theyre doing now that i think about it. i believe they dont plan to just walk in the shadow of previous accomplishments but adding something new over it.

welcome to the forums btw !! :smiley: nice to have ya

@Seedsy i dont blame you for that hahah, it amuses me how he comes up with those stuff

It’s not stated anywhere B4B is a successor to L4D2. It’s an entierly new IP on it’s own and has no relation any prior titles.

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The good ol’ boys at TRS are perfectly capable and enthusiastic developers. I think they’ll have no trouble drumming up a new take on the zombie shooter. If nothing else, they could do what they did before and give us zombies unlike anything we’ve ever seen; except now, instead of just making them fast, they might make them really smart or have fucking magic for all we know. They could have any tricks up their sleeve.


The FAQ already mentions that there will be “a whole lot of new stuff which will make it unique,” and “we have some big shoes to fill, but we’re going all out to surpass everything we’ve done before,” so I’m sure we will be pleasantly surprised by what they’re bringing to the table with B4B. I think it will definitely be something brand new, based on what they’re promising. :smile:

As already stated, B4B has not been advertised whatsoever as the L4D successor. Fans are perceiving it as such, but so far we have no idea how similar it will be to L4D or not. I realize the title is a huge flashing neon sign, but I don’t think we should assume what the whole game will be like just based on the stylistic choice of naming. The FAQ has even specifically stated that this is not L4D3, which, in my opinion, is a pretty big disclaimer.

I think the game will definitely scratch an itch that L4D fans have been craving, but that will not stop Back 4 Blood from being its own entirely unique game. It will bring something new to the table and it will be so much more than a flat L4D remake.

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Now that I look back i do feel dumb for saying that. I should have done more research other than thinking B4B is just a successor even though it was inspired or none the less created in commemoration of L4D. Exited to see B4B no matter the state.