Why autobalance?


Why did they put autobalance anyways? It’s like: " If you’re too good, then the other team must get buff, so you can’t win at the end" it’s like it’s punishing you for winning, every time I win as a monster I get scared for day 5 and I hate that strategy that almost everyone recommends you( but… you have to do it) and is that you need to loose at least 2 rounds so at the end things are actually “balance” What kind of mechanism is that anyways? And yes, I have won day five with auto-balance in their favor, but it was a VERY close battle, I feel like they should just let things be, if the player is good, why do they need to punish him/her for it?



I didn’t say it wasn’t fun, I have won many day 5 rounds, but I can understand people who just don’t like autobalance, btw, you can just write “fun” not copy and paste a link friend.


And besides, people keep leaving the game if a side is winning all days, so I don’t see how autobalance keeps players from leaving, also, have been on the hunter team many times and when a monster wins all 4 days and he/she gets his ass kicked, the player leaves before the match ends :confused:


It’s called trying to ‘balance’. Not everyone wants to be steamrolled. You get a map perk, they get stat increases. You can also disable them in custom games.


Then… I’ll guess I have to find friends


And some map perks just suck, like the many vagina plants and the phantoms lol


Health plants are pretty nice. Each one heals about half a bar of health. There are usually about a dozen, so its better than a Tyrant perk. But yes, some map effects seem less useful and some are incredibly OP.


I mean the man eating ones and yeah, agreed


technically I can’t just write fun since there’s a 10 char minimum limit. Plus my way is more fun. Funception.



I got killed by the monster in 5 seconds because a phantom attacked me 30 seconds before the other hunters dropped in.


Bad luck then, the same way a tyrant or any other monster can take you by surprise, but when when you’re in a team, it’s very easy to kill them, so I still find them useless.


Game isn’t very fun for me when i get punished for being good


Sounds like people are taking this game mode too serious when TRS already said it was just something fun.


Don’t play evac then, it’s clearly not for you. Just stick to hunt.

Hunt is the “competitive” mode, Nest, Defend and Rescue are there really only there for variety and use in evacuation. Evacuation is meant to be a fun thing you play because you like having fun. So yeah, I think you’re right :smile:


I love evac I just don’t think I should be punsished for being better than other people/being able to work well with tohers


you’re not being punished, you’re getting a map bonus


The biggest one for me is the teleporters. I can see how they MIGHT be useful, but I am always just confused as to where they lead. They are not very good for hunters, who should be following the monster the whole time anyway, and INCREDIBLY GOOD for the monster, providing an instant escape route.


Except, evacuation gives you such a MASSIVE experience boost, it is kind of silly to just ignore it. A good win streak in evac can give you about 3-4 hunt games’ worth of EXP, in addition to the 5 matches already involved.