Why are there carnivorous plants in Arena


Title says it all… Just why? Our team lost an arena match because assault fell in a plant… Nobody could free him because Goliath kept stunning us…


I think there’s an issue if you’re complaining about carnivorous plants in arena… I mean. Just kill it. And be done with it. Simple.


And that is the reason the plants are in Arena… so moments like this can happen :stuck_out_tongue:


Because they’re a part of the game and if you die by them then it’s your fault.


Well the term death match is really like Hunters vs. Monster vs. Harmful Wildlife lol


Plants are in Arena so we can point and laugh :slightly_smiling:


I’d imagine it’s because they’re part of the OG maps and the arena maps are just domes dropped over parts of those maps.


Remember, this is planet Shear. Everything is against you.


Ahh the age old argument of “why didn’t you shoot me out of this plant, it’s your fault im dead”

“I didn’t notice, it’s your fault for stepping in the plant”


just shoot them why are you whinning about it?


I dont understand the complaint?

How was a goliath stun-locking 3 other hunters simultaneously?


They’re there for the same reason they’re there if you throw a dome in hunt. Fut the shuck up and kill em. Only takes one shot fam.


Adding this to my vocabulary.


Because God opened up the clouds and he said, “I hate you Alfalfa.”


Trust me, when the medic and support both are in the level 20’s they thing its alright to stand near the trapper, all getting rock throwed, then leap smashed, and me gettingn charged on a tree :frowning:


Plants are in Arena mode because A) Whichever hunter chose those dome spots, they were terrible at it, and B) Evolution on Shear hates humans for no particular reason :smiley_cat:


Well, #1 I was stunned locked

2 Assault literally walked three steps to appear right on a plant and Goliath was right in front of us… Match really took 35 seconds


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