Why are the monsters named what they are?


So I just got in a mild argument with a dude about this, and I just woke up so it annoyed me way more than it should’ve.

I’ve always been under the impression that it’s because Shear is a relatively new, frontier place, and no one really knows what these monsters are. You see a big plant with teeth on the ground? Chomp plant. That thing shoots steam out of it’s back? Steamadon. Giant tentacle monster? Kraken.



Big bulky monster? Goliath
Even bigger, bulkier monster? Behemoth


What’s the alternative? Isn’t this how people always name stuff? Excluding scientific names.


Even scientific names are a bit the same way, only in dead language


Makes sense to me. Also, only the hunters refer to the monsters by those names. So I think it’s just so they can tell them apart.

Civilians just call them monsters or things.


Well the alternative that this particular individual suggested was that the monsters were actually from ancient times, and that all mythology is based off of them, and that our subconscious tells us what they are named because deep within the back of our minds we remember them.


That might be an argument if the monsters resembled anything in old mythology. Kraken’s are more like ancient Squids then this. Wraith’s are considered to be ghost like entities.


Kala called Gorgon Gorgon before comimg to shear. So do the hunters. They have to have someone naming them officially.


When a new monster comes the people who see it just give it a name they think of.
So Goliath, the big bulky brawler. Kraken the tentacles. Wraith the ghost. Behemoth the giant hulk. Gorgon the female like creepy thing.


We don’t have enough evidence that either way is correct. Kala mightgive us more insight though


'cause TRS wanted to name them after mythological creatures mebbe?

@Matthew we demand explanations!
Well… Maybe they don’t… But I do!


Goliath: Rock-slinging monster
Kraken: Squid-like monster
Wraith: Ghost-like monster
Behemoth: Giant monster
Gorgon: hideous monster

All based on mythical things


I’m aware. However, the individual in question suggested that the monsters were actually FROM Earth’s ancient past. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, places like that, and that the reason that we call them those things is because we remember them.

They stated that rather than just looking akin to mythological beasts, they actually are mythological beasts.


right, no. That seems highly unlikely, if not impossible


Highly agree.


If they’re from EARTH, then why aren’t they STILL on Earth? Huh? Ask him that!


Because earth became way too snobby, if I have to believe Caira


I never said they’re from earth. I said They once interacted with humans in ancient times. Meaning they could have landed on earth very long time ago (monsters are originally alien to earth) and started interacting with humans. The ancient humans then started naming these bizarre creatures.

Then suddenly one day these creatures disappeared, leaving humans with only stories and legends of these creatures.

Goliath- a huge humanoid warrior
Kraken- a monster that looks like it came out of the deepest of seas
Wraith- a creature thats unnatural to the world of the living.
Behemoth a beast of enormous strength
Gorgon- creature that can petrify humans( she could have petrified humans with just pure fear)

So basically when these monsters vanish they just lived on as small memories in the evolve humans subconscious. And all theynhad left was just stories and legends of them.

Later on in the future these creatures started to reappear, and humans subconsciously named them the same names ancient humans did. Because they just remember them deep down.

And of course when humans pass down legends and stories they always alter it, which can explain things why gorgon doesn’t have snake hair and stuff.

Now for rapterror to say that I pissed he\she off with my theory is ridiculous. This is my opinion and theory and it doesn’t make it true. Its just what I think. So I don’t understand how me saying my theory pissed you off. So take a chill pill.


In your theory, how or why did they vanish from Earth?
You thinking Earth didn’t have any of the Patterson tech or something that attracts them?

Personally, I don’t believe a lot of theories. But to each their own! I’m curious about yours though :slightly_smiling:


The monster names are based on colonist perceptions. They don’t have official names, but there needed to be some convention in how to discern them. Matthew has already confirmed this in previous threads.

In the case of Gorgon and Kala, I agree that point breaks down, but I have a theory. Ties 1 through 3 occur during the main story line up to the evacuation. After that, T4 comes in, and their plot is later than that, and likewise T5 comes in. The trick is, I believe that canonically, the entire tier appears around the same time. IE. torvald, slim, sunny, and crow appeared around the same time behemoths start showing up, just as Lennox, Jack, EMET, and Kala show up around the time when Gorgon does. I theorize that Gorgon is called Gorgon because Kala brought that name with her. We know big corporations have knowlegde of monsters - Ebonstar for sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if Celestial does too. If Kala read those douments from the corporation, she could have brought official names with her. and who knows? The big corporations have an influence on shear’s colony. Maybe they spread the names themselves!