Why are the ESL rules so frustrating?


Why is it that I’m supposed to tell the team I’m vsing what monster I’m going to use? How am I supposed to have a chance if all they have to do is build their team around whatever monster I pick. I understand I get to know their trapper and whoever they decide to tell me but it wont matter especially if I don’t know their assault. Basically I’m saying “hey, here’s my trump card, go ahead and pick the assault that best beats this monster.” What is the point of that there is no fairness to such a thing that is just a dumb way to play.


If this is true I agree. If they know all that you’ve got, you should know all that they got.


The fairness is that you get to counterpick their trapper and whatever else they pick. Maybe you can only play one monster, but you do have the option of changing. But you also get to know their other two characters, which changes your build. For example: a while ago I ran a 3/3 Rock/Leap build, but if the other team picked Sunny or Laz I’d switch to 3 Fire 3 Leap.

Besides - if you main something, then eventually everyone will know what you play and just pick against it anyways. So this, in the end, still greatly benefits the monster, since they’ll know what you play anyways - now you know what they’re playing, too.


That’s impossible though. You would get stuck in an endless cycle of both sides counter picking eatch others.



its perfect

u get to know 2 hunters (trapper and x) so you can try to counter pick them


They tell you what other hunter aside from trapper so if they don’t reveal assault and then you tell them your monster they can counter pick the best assault for it…


u can counter theire first picks and they can try to counter with theire last 2 picks

thats fair oO


Why not just don’t tell anyone anything like regular play? Then this wouldn’t be an issue.


My guess is because it’s to introduce counter picking (monster counter pick the trapper and one other hunter, then the two remaining hunters counterpick the monster) to make it more exiting for both the viewers and to take out the element of luck and replace it with strategic thinking.


It’s a dumb rule honestly.


Ah that makes sense. I can see how that works. Carry on


It is to make this game a bit more based on skill instead of luck.
That’s what you can see in pubs. The hunter team might choose the perfect comp for goliath and then they face a kraken. They lose, just because they were unlucky. We don’t need that in competitive play.

Besides, the 2-1-2 pick is the fairest we can get. Even if it's not a perfect rule, it's not stupid at all.


Because that hugely benefits hunters. Monsters who main a specific character would always get counterpicked without knowing what they’re up against; at least this way, the monsters get to try and counter the hunters.


Unless they counterpick with their assault which is the damage dealer and can out-do a monster based on which monster it is…


Except they probably already know what monster you’re going to pick, because most monsters are best at one specific character. So the assault was already going to counterpick you; now you just have a chance to counterpick back.


90% of the time it’s kraken anyway.


I understand the rule, and think it would be fine if there was more variety of monsters to choose from. However, right now, most matches shown are the same basic hunter group vs. 1. Kraken, 2. Wraith, 3. Goliath.

Unfortunately with adjusting balance specific hunter comps just come out better than others. So in general the builds being played are already known, and we just get to watch the same match multiple times.

When we have more monsters and adaptations, and fully balanced hunter options I think the current ESL pick rule will be come more useful.


you basically just said its unfair because there arnt enough choices


They don’t know abilities you’re going to pick. Sounds insignificant. Behemoth is bringing tongue grab and Rock Wall, Cabot might seem wise, if he’s picking Fissure and Lava Bomb then Hank is better.


Unfair? No. A little pointless? Yes. I think it’s a good rule, in general, but I feel that the current balance in hunters and monsters makes it more of a formality to get out of the way, then an arena for counter picking.