Why are the console menus and cutscenes not 1080p?


If you have the console version of Evolve you may notice that the menu and cutscenes are trapped with black borders. What is the reason for this/ i would think in this day and age of video game consoles that a PS4 and Xbox One could easily handle the simple menus of Evolve. It has been bugging me since release but not after so much time it seems no one, not even the devs seem to have noticed.


No consoles play in 1080p

One: 792p
PS4: 900p
PC: 1080p


PS4 does run 1080p I believe. And I think One is 900p not sure.


Actually the PS4 does run in 1080p and as Los said the Xbox One is 900p, so where you got your stats I don’t know. At the same time though that doesn’t excuse the fact that the console menus are shrouded in black bars.


I don’t have that when I play…you need to go to settings at the main menu and fix your screen. I do remember when I first booted up evolve they gave the option of going to the edge of your screen, which here seems like you failed to do.


Lol I have a 1080i TV
My Xbox will only do 1080p quote unquote

Xbox: “screw your 1080i we’re playing 720p now”



There is no such option that I can find apart from Gamma Adjust am I missing something?


PS4 and Xbox One games output at 1080p, but some might not have a native 1080p resolution. This is due to core capablities of the PS4 being stronger than Xbox One.

Game			    Xbox One		        	PS4

Alien: Isolation	   1080p @ 30fps 	        1080p @ 30fps
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag	900p @ 30fps	        1080p @ 30fps (with patch)
Assassin's Creed Unity	   900p @ 30fps                 900p @ 30fps
Battlefield 4		   720p @ 60fps 	        900p @ 60fps
Battlefield: Hardline	   720p @ 60fps 	        900p @ 60fps 
Blacklight Retribution	   Exclusive   	                1080p @ 60fps 
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 1360x1080 @ 60fps        1080p @ 60fps 
Call of Duty: Ghosts	   720p  @ 60fps 	        1080p @ 60fps (with patch) 
Dead Rising 3		   720p @ 30fps 		Exclusive
Destiny			   1080p @ 30fps 	        1080p @ 30fps 
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 1080p  @ 60fps (with patch) 1080p @ 60fps 
Dragon Age: Inquisition	    900p  @ 30fps 		1080p @ 30fps 
DriveClub		    Exclusive			1080p @ 30fps 
Dying Light	     	  1080p @ 60fps (targeted) 	1080p @ 60fps 
EA Sports UFC		  900p @ 30fps 		        900p @ 30fps  
Evolve                    900p @ 30fps                  1080p @ 30fps
Far Cry 4		  1440x1080 @ 30fps 		1080p @ 30fps 
FIFA Soccer 14		  1080p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
FIFA Soccer 15		  1080p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
Flower			  Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Forza Horizon 2		 1080p @ 30fps 	                Exclusive
Forza Motorsport 5	 1080p @ 60fps 		        Exclusive
Golf Club		 720p@~30fps 			1080p@~30fps 
Grand Theft Auto V 	 1080p @ 30fps		        1080p @ 30fps
Halo: Spartan Assault	 1080p @ 60fps 		        Exclusive
Halo: The Master Chief Collection 1080p @ 60fps 	Exclusive
Halo 2: Anniversary 	 1328x1080 @ 60fps		Exclusive
Halo 5: Guardians        720p @ 60fps (beta) 		Exclusive
Infamous: Second Son	 Exclusive			1080p @ 30+fps 
Killer Instinct	Season 1: 720p @ 60fps 	 	        Exclusive
Season 2: 		  900p @ 60fps 	                Exclusive
Killzone: Shadow Fall	  Exclusive		        1080p  @ 30fps (SP)
Kinect Sports Rivals 	 1080p @ 30fps 		        Exclusive
Knack		          Exclusive			1080p @ 30fps 
Lords of the Fallen	 900p @ 30fps 		        1080p @ 30fps 
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 720p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
Metro: Redux		 912p @ 60fps 		        1080p @ 60fps 
MLB 14: The Show	 Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor 900p @ 30fps 		1080p @ 30fps 
Minecraft		 1080p @ 60fps 	                1080p @ 60fps 
Murdered: Soul Suspect	 1080p @ 30fps 		        1080p @ 60fps 
NBA 2K14		 1080p @ 60fps 		        1080p @ 60fps 
Need for Speed Rivals	 1080p @ 30fps 		        1080p @ 30fps 
Outlast			 1080p @ 60fps 		        1080p @ 60fps 
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 900p @ 60fps          1080p @ 60fps 
Planetside 2		  Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Primal Carnage: Extinction Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 720p@ 60fps 			1080p @ 60fps 
Project Cars		  1080p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
Resogun		           Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Ryse: Son of Rome	   900p @ 30fps 		Exclusive
Shadow Warrior		   900p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
Skylanders: Swap Force	   1080p @ 60fps 		1080p @ 60fps 
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 1080p @ 30fps 	1080p @ 30fps 
Sniper Elite 3		  1080p @ ~60fps 	        1080p @ ~60fps 
Sunset Overdrive	  900p @ 30fps 		        Exclusive
Tearaway Unfolded	  Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1080p @ 30fps 		        1080p @ 30fps 
The Crew		  1080p @ 30fps 	        1080p @ 30fps 
The Evil Within	          900p @ 30fps  	        1080p @ 30fps
The Last of Us: Remastered Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
The Order: 1886		   Exclusive			1080p @ 30fps 
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt   900p @ 30fps                 900p @ 30fps
Thief			   900p @ 30fps 		1080p @ 30fps 
Titanfall		   792p @ 60fps 		Exclusive
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition 1080p @ 30fps           1080p @ 60fps 
Trials Fusion		   900p @ 60fps (with patch) 	1080p@ 60fps 
Trine 2			   Exclusive 			1080p @ 60fps 
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End  Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Warframe		   1080p @ 30fps	        1080p @ 60fps 
War Thunder		   Exclusive			1080p @ 60fps 
Watch Dogs		   792p @ 30fps 		900p@ 30fps 
Wolfenstein: The New Order 1080p @ 60fps                1080p @ 60fps 
WWE 2k15		   1080p @ 60fps 	        1080p @ 60fps


We already know this but I am wanting evidence of the black bar fix option you mentioned. I don’t see it and even starting a new account doesn’t give one apart from Gamma, so you must be fibbing there. It is a shame that the console versions are like this in any case.


Must be a PS4 thing. I recall being able to set the edges of my screen


I am sure I adjusted this on my X1, I’ll try to remember to confirm when I get home.


Seems you have to do it directly via the PS4 settings. Seems so weird that it lets the game stay full screen but the menus are black barred.



10 char


Now you’ve got me curious if my PS4 has those black bars and I just never noticed. I’ll have to check when I get home.