Why are some founders so arrogant?


So I have not had any real issues with people in the game for the most part. Until I started doing ranked play. I have been playing this game for one week as of today. I leveled up to 20 and worked on my placement games. During my placements I expected to go against people who probably were much better than myself. Some games that happened some not I ended at 5-5 w-l and it put me in Bronze Destroyer. Okay I thought i’m out of placements I’ll go against people in my rank. Until I qued for my first game after being placed, the first game was against a person who was in “placement” who has been playing the game since it was first launched. He spent the entire game spamming chat about how we sucked, the classes we picked sucked, and telling us we were shit. After he destroyed us in the match he continued over voice chat in the end lobby about how we and the characters we picked were absolute trash. All the while saying “he was trying to help us by telling us not to play those characters”.
Founders, you don’t have to “go easy” on us new players. You don’t have to let us win. Just don’t be a cocky arrogant *** about winning. You are essentially gloating about beating up a toddler as an adult and it makes yourself and the founder community look like a toxic unwelcoming bunch of people. I just want to enjoy this game which is extremely fun, not be relentlessly flamed for being new. I know this is a rant and I’ll get flamed and told to “git gud” but break the cycle founders help the community grow, you obviously love the game you paid for it. If you want the game you love so much to grow rather than die a second time be accepting of the new people, help the new people. Because they are the future of if this game is a success or dies again. People don’t get better by being flamed they get better by playing and learning and receiving worthwhile tips.


Well I mean people in general can be asshats so don’t take it personal.

I know there are plenty of Forumers here who aren’t like that but most likely you are running into salty Ex-Pro wannabes.

Just ignore them and do your own thing!


Well I would much prefer you don’t generalize us founders based off the one experience listed. Don’t get me wrong and I would like to apologize on that person’s behalf and uncalled for behavior but I recommend that you don’t view us all in such a light.

Some of us are more than content with the level of skill anyone has and we don’t go out of our to do what this player did. We want you guys to have a good time with us.


obligatory “stop generalizing” post


This was just the most recent time that pushed me over the limit. I’ve had multiple encounters with founders acting like this. I know every founder is not like this I apologize for generalizing. I’m just sick of the attitudes that has generally come from founders.


I’ve changed the title to be less generalising and more inviting.

A lot of founders, especially here on the forum are more than willing to help out the newer players. Obviously there will be those who think they are better and will let you know about it, there are always people like that in every game. It sucks that you come across players like this, but please remember that not every founder is like that.

I’d recommend rewording your post so you’re not aiming your post at the vast majority of founder players. That way, people will focus less on that and more on the point you are trying to make. :slight_smile:

Edit: I do understand what you are saying though. It pains me to hear that people would act like that, especially towards those less experienced than themselves. As others have said, the best you can do is to ignore them and help others along the way whenever you can.


Uh, have you ever beat up a toddler? You have to suppress your conscience long enough to drop the people’s elbow on those weak ass little punks. That’s an accomplishment if I’ve ever seen one. Plus some of them are jacked.


Its not that founders are arrogant. You just met an arrogant player who happened to be a founder.

Still, that kind of behavior is completely pathetic. The best thing you can do is to report the player to the devs.


I feel your pain, I see founders acting like this and I see them bragging about it too, and it makes me so annoyed. But this isn’t a founder problem, it’s a gamer problem. In a month or so the same kinds of people who only started playing this week will be acting the same towards new players that start in a months time for the first time.

the lesson here is that some gamers are jerks, and you have to just roll with their attitude problem.


It’s not just founders my friend I remember playing last year I had 400+ hours and this guy who played like 20hrs was trying to give me “pro” tips. Just a meta humper. you see it a sh*t ton of those in fighting games. Meta’s change with game updates and player experience, that guy you ran into will probably be on the new fad if you are to unfortunately run into him again.
It’s not the fact he’s a founder it’s him as a person.


I am a founder but not that good and I was flamed by a guy because I forgot shield with the support one time. Don’t take it personal and ignore the rants. Most of the people are friendly and some are nice and explain things to newbies. I try to do it as well but can’t voice at the time which makes it really hard just writing.


Oh wow, what language! Someone must play Hyde and Emet a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a console founder and I can I had a similar expierence with some other hunters who told me I sucked and should get out of playing rank as hunter xD, but he didn’t know I was founder since I’m a console founder.

But yeah some people are just salty jerks. I don’t act like a jerk when playing, instead I try to be nice and teach people the Pecking order.



I’ve seen lots of new players lying and saying they’re founders, I’m not saying all the founders are saints, there are some asshats out there.

Unfortunaly there’s no system to punish toxic behaviour, so there’s nothing we can do.

It makes the game less enjoyable for everyone when someone is screaming on mic you suck and calling you names.

I’m a Founder myself and I’ve found newbies doing that, like they know everything about the game, best we can do is ignore them until the developers decide to do something about it.

I’m extremely sorry you had a bad experience, and hope you find better qeues, best way to enjoy this game is with some friends, cause you never know what to expect from randoms.


Well. The other day I invited a new free to player on my games with another friend of mine. We’re both founders. They were still level 7 and 4 respectively. The game began lighthearted. They were very lost but it was okay, it’s to be expected. I managed to barely dome the monster cutting his path and the medic (level 4 guy) was just behind me. Teamates were getting there and I merely needed to survive a few seconds before support’s shields came in.

He was rogue Val, I desperately begged for healing on the microphone, he took a bit of time to start doing it. It was ok, he was new and I was aware I was taking a risk when I got the lone dome. He then tried to get near to use the healing burst… on rogue val. I said “Nooooooooo! That one is getting you only self healing :(” and started laughing in a good spirit when the monster turned to him as he wasted rogue val’s healing aura while full health.

Then he started complaining what a terrible dome it was, the next one he complained the same and the next match he was incredibly arrogant telling the entire team they were doing bad, etc. I switched to monster, got my sweet revenged on the easiest, never dodging, terrible player he was and got him out of my friendlist.

So, yeah, There are not only recent free to players who are as arrogant as founders as tere are actually players who believe they know it all on their 4th or 5th match.


You found some as___ole for sure.

But I’ll tell you why. Because for months playerbase had an average number of <1000, so these players became veterans playing each other often, and now with the new big flow of players,thousands and thousand, they get mad about mistakes which new players make.

Since in this game, you can win/lost even for a single mistake, people lost patience quickly.

What can you expect from someone who have not even seen the tutorial video ? A torvald using mortars, and only mortars, inside a cave.

Try to stay calm, i dare you is not easy xD

Anyway ignore them and keep playing, you will find majority of players are nice guys.


In every game you will have toxic players. A lot of the core players that have been here since day 1 are fairly classy.


Some founders are arrogant for the same reason some newcomers are arrogant.

Some people are assholes.


One of my first comments joining this site, was on a post kind of like the situation you are describing, only not as harsh or in your face. It still seemed to a degree patronising and self righteous.

Perhaps they meant well I don’t know, it just didn’t come off that way, and I didn’t care for it.

I’m a founder too, but this is a revamped game so I feel some of us have an idea how well parts of the game work, but in a sense we are all learning this new game still.

I guess a lot of the players who were still here after many left, felt really good when they game got new life, because this was a game they love on the brink of death and suddenly it’s larger than life again.

Naturally those players are going to feel fairly elite. When that happens there can be a lack of respect for the new blood. I’d like to think that’s only a young immature minority, and I do distance myself well away from them.

This is a game. That’s it. NO excuse for being rude. NO excuse for being a d%^k.If I see it in game, and I have, I put them down fast.

Pay them no mind, they have a social disfunction.


I think it’ll go away with time once everyone gets to a similar level.