Why are so many monsters are playing as Kraken?


This was happening on the XB1.

So, I’ll start this from the beginning. My friend and I were up late the night it occurred, (As most players know, you cannot play Monster when in a party on Pubs). We were setup against the fearsome Kraken! Now, I may not be “The best player ever”, but I can say I’m not completely terrible either. Let me save you a long story and say that the Hunters lost. The kraken managed to evade us multiple times, (Perhaps bad Trapper?). The game wasn’t close either, the Monster won by a landslide. My friend and I were astonished and we got over it shortly. (Please note were both were near LVL 40 so we have been in quite some fights). We enter another match, (with a different Monster), but he selected Kraken… My friend and I were ready for another Kraken fight, we recieves the same outcome. Now, imagine that happening for about another 5 matches in a row… with all… Different… People… We logged in the next day hoping to get a good comeback for last night, yet we found even more Krakens, (we did see 2 Wraiths between one of the battles). Has this been happening to anyone else? I have seen people on live streams have fallen victim to this also… I would really like to know if this was just some huge occurance where Monsters are starting to use Kraken a bit to much, or if it’s my friend and I getting REALLY unlucky.


Kraken is the FoTM tbh. Lots of tournaments are won with Kraken so everyone wants to try and be Kraken. Golliath is balanced but relatively easy to understand. Lots of people can be good at Kraken because players don’t use Jetpack/Dodging very well.


Kraken is Highly rewarding when you get good at skillshots
Good skillshots+Kraken=Dead hunters
That simple


From a monster player, it seems like Kraken is the only one right now that we can safely choose… Wraith is currently OP (in general), and Goliath is slightly underpowered (in general) against same level hunters. When the patch comes maybe we’ll get some real variety again.


Just two weeks ago we were:


You have 3 choices… Goliath which is what people first start out with and grow tired of. If you play Wraith you get bitched at constantly. So Kraken it is.


Because a stage 2 Kracken can burst down a hunter in 5 seconds or less at medium range.


I normally main Goliath, but I do enjoy Kraken occasionally and on some choice maps I prefer it. The thing about Kraken is that during a fight you get to easily put yourself some distance away from the hunters unless they can capitalize on abilities to drag it back to earth. This means the Kraken gets to sit nicely above the terrain and renders quite a few hunters weapons useless as either they have no range or their accuracy is horrible. If you choose your arena carefully the Kraken just has to sweep side-to-side and drop skill shots until everybody is dead.

This should change with the patch since I believe Abe’s stasis grenades and Hyde’s toxic grenades will now detonate in proximity to the monster and allow you to drag the Kraken back to earth much easier.


Now hold on just a diddly dang minute there buddy, Goliath is FAR from underpowered. Now, im not gonna go into a slew of reasons cuz i have a tendancy to derail threads with Goliath stuff, so im just gonna leave it at
Goliath is perfect
If he changes
I riot


While I disagree that Goliath is perfect, he’s well balanced. Well balanced means you need to create your own in-game strengths. People that aren’t creative don’t usually have this ability. So they look at Goliath as being ‘bland/boring’. Goliath is good, he is just average. No glaring strengths/weaknesses.


this is why. ppl are trying to master all three. play 100 hours of goliath and tell me you dont need to switch. from there u have 2 options. learn to wraith and have everyone hate u. or learn kraken and struggle a ton until u get it down then beat down upon the masses. i started with kraken and i ended with wraith. now i just rotate all three cuz i can proficiently destroy with all of them.


Yep. Goliath is fine just as he is.


Thank you, too many people nowadays are saying “GOLIATH IS UP, PLS BUFF” and im just over here like
Git gud SCRUB


I agree that he is very very nicely balanced, but overall the Hunters have a slight edge on him right now. With several very important Hunter nerfs coming, he will be more balanced… unless you think that he will be OP when the Hunter nerfs hit.


Our team of hunters battle really good Goliath mains frequently and each match is often balanced with fair exchanges. Most of these mains agree that Goliath is in no need of changes.


I am one of those mains :3
Big lug is so reliable, cant compare him to anything else


The other reason people think Goliath is UP is because he is melee oriented. It’s easy to dart in and out of combat as Wraith and reassess whether to stay or go. Kraken can comfortably sit in the air and determine if he should stay or go. Goliath has a hard time to ‘pull out’ of combat all of a sudden like the others can. As such, people don’t engage/disengage appropriately with him. I feel too many people feel the need to go ‘all in’ or stay too long in an engagement.


Kraken is a super fun sexy beast. Glad hes being noticed hehe.


Because I like his design and play style.


When ppl use wraith, hunters complain. and ppl get bored of goliath.