Why are people complaining about Kraken?


Hunters complain about the kraken, but hunters can auto aim the monster by aiming rapidly…if that’s not broken I don’t know what is. P.S. I am on xbox one


Well, auto-aim is not on PC. And that’s where the Kraken is most prominent/strong atm


Because he is bugged right now. He isn’t affecting by crowd control (tranq darts, stasis, harpoons), and is able to have full movement speed while casting. It isn’t that they are complaining about Kraken, but the fact that it is bugged right now.


Plus it’s really hard to get him out of the air to really dish in damage.


Im good at aiming, I’ve hit the kraken with caira’s flame bombs in the air before. Buckets rockets markovs rifle are good for kraken. Any medic with sniper. Crow is probably the best trapper for kraken because the stasis gun.


and his 3 hit combo of banshee mine vortex lightning strike =death within 5 seconds


All monsters have combos, Goliath has leap smash rock throw, Behemoth has tongue and fissure, wraith has abduction and warp blast.


He isn’t affected by crowd control (tranq darts, stasis, harpoons)

Crow is not a good option for Kraken right now. At least the Harpoons let you stop it for a brief moment.


all of those abilities and combos have wind up and windows of escape this combo doesnt though. banshee mine when fired at you will hit you basically instantly. you get stunlocked so you cant dodge the vortex. while the vortex is pushing you back you STILL cant dodge and at the exact moment you gain movement back the lightning strike is already hitting you. the banshee mine will take a 8th of your health. a vortex will take a quarter. and the lightning strike will take out half . . . and thats the stage one abilities. without the damage bonus perk or mastery. factor that stuff in well . . . yeah


true that…




Wasn’t there a potent combo of abilities that skips each others animations and downs a Hunter in like… two or three seconds (Ranks dependent)? It used BM and Vortex couple with a Heavy Melee and Pounce iirc.

Or has that been addressed?


He is saying there is no Auto Aim not that HE cannot aim. Chill out.


uhhh i knew goliath had such a thing if you pressed leapsmash and rock throw at the same time you could hit someone with both attacks at the same time which equals instant death because of how powerful they are at level 3


rock throw does most damage lvl 3 out of any ability. take the damage perk or cooldown reduction you’re doin all kinds of damage


with the mastery 10% with the max upgrade and the damage perk you can literally kill a hunter that has 2 strikes instantly with that ability


No you can’t. Also, that’s why you aren’t supposed to get two strikes. once you’ve gotten two strikes that means you have failed two times, once you have failed two times, it means you probably are doomed anyway and you should not get that many chances against the monster anyway. it only seems fair to me that if the monster kills you twice or more it should get easier


Actually, it can be if you use a controller.


No but you could poke him once after and he’d die.