Why are people complaining about DLC?


None of the new monsters/hunters should completely unbalance the game. All the maps are going to be free so the player base won’t fragment. It may be expensive, but that’ll also entail high quality. I don’t see anything bad about their DLC plans. Well except for talking abut DLC pre launch as that can leave a bad taste in the consumers mouth.


Because 90% of the people who play games don’t realise how the hell does economy work.

The feeling when a guy tells you that a Hunter is worth 4 bucks.


@taskforcem85 I agree, and no one is forced to buy anything to continue to play with people that have the DLC.

I am speaking as someone who has very little money and i will only be getting 2-3 games this year… i even canceled my GTA5 pre-order so i could get the monster race edition of this game. After playing in all the tests i am happy with the progress of the game and quality of the content.


Honestly I feel that the monsters are worth around $15-20 from the level of quality I’ve seen so far. People spend 10 bucks on LoL champions which have far less animations. I’ll drop 15 for a highly texturized, constantly evolving, blood dripping monster.


Cause people don’t want to pay money for stuff that they think should have just been released with the game.

Alot of people seem to think Behemoth is already done or close enough that they are just looking for an excuse to charge money for something they didn’t get done in time or just to make more money which just isn’t true.

Alot of people are also just cheap and like to whine about having to spend money on new content. They also say they won’t pay for the dlc but many eventually do but will but will still keep bitching about it.

They’d rather the game be delayed till like 2016 just so all the content can be added and they don’t have to extra for TRS hard work


Ugh… this topic makes me sad. So many people are not going to give Evolve the chance it deserves because they latch onto the rumors and lies that are being spread.


becuz well people like to bitch


Some people are sick of bad DLC, so even if they see good DLC they immediately cringe


I wish we could have expansion packs of old, but their fate seems resigned to history. The main issue is the manner in which people are introduced to the DLC and the general marketing pitch. To be told that content that has yet to exist, has an intrinsic value of £11.99, but that the said value only comes into effect after release day, is rather ridiculous. It is hard to justify the line of, “we need to cover our costs” when it is at no additional cost to those who pre-order.

The incentive mentality of purchasing things to “save money” is distasteful. If we can only guess at the quality of the product and we have no definitive date as to when it arrives, how can we value it? It is all very withering. A lot of it is a perception thing as well, the idea that content announced in the future is things that should have been in the game, yet this only seems to apply if they are charging for it. Free content announced for the future always seem to be accepted as supportive and additional.


People are complaining because they are misinformed.

I’ve seen multiple places claiming day 1 DLC (which is false, the monster pack pre-order bonus mentions “when it’s available” implying not at release)
I’ve seen multiple places claiming DLC is mandatory to keep playing the game (Also false, you are only restricted to not using a specific character if you didn’t buy it. Even then you can take over monsters)
Nearly no places mention the free maps and gamemodes that were promised alongside this DLC.


i wouldn’t play Lol if it was a legal requirement

i don’t like that dlc is forced in games, that’s it. i’d prefer if they waited a year longer and launched the game for 1.5-2X the base price with 6 monsters

that said, my current #1 game is elite:dangerous which was a kickstarter game that has planned DLC based around not being able to get huge projects out in under a year (planetary landing needs entire procedurally generated cities to be designed from the ground up). that’s when DLC is fine in my opinion, and i suppose that turtle rock spends plenty of time for each monster, but at the end of the day, it’s one character model.


The base price of the game is $60 and it comes with 3 monsters.

You’d pay $30-$60 extra for 3 more monsters after waiting a year extra, but paying $45 total for those monsters after release is bad?

If the pricing isn’t the issue, what is the issue here? The game is 100% playable without any DLC


what happens if they release a monster or hunter that’s OP enough everyone needs to buy it


Then it should be balanced to not be OP. So far TRS is doing a great job with balance (Compared to most games I’ve played) so I think they can also properly balance new monsters and hunters.


Most people who bitch about DLC are misinformed and think they got a disadvantage if they don’t buy them. And to argue with the possibility of a OP monster or hunter is as justified as me arguing about Evolve 2… oh right we have no information on that.

Or they just don’t get how economy works. All they want is more and more content with long time support, but they don’t want to pay for it because… whatever… “I just don’t want to pay you for your work”. And in addition they should have enough money to make an even better next game and the money to live till its release.


yeah now i saw that everyone who preorders gets behemoth i’m not so mad about it anyway

that means i’ll only need to spend like $15 to get all of the monsters


TRS have said they’ll continue to balance the game post–launch so that no character is a better choice than another.


ill just say afew points why overall I love the dlc

  • all maps are free so the community never gets fragmented and free users still gets new content support
  • they allow us to buy them individually (im 90% sure) so if you only want 1 or 2 extra characters thats all you need to buy or you can just buy all of them
  • they wont be allowed to be OP TRS will balence them even after post release so no monster is just better they are just different
  • this isnt day 1 dlc this is just “guys we can make game changing dlc by just adding new characters… after we ensure there’s at least 3 characters per class bug free lets get everyone who isnt polishing the game on that and dont throw away any ideas we may come back to them”

the only issue I have is the price seems a bit steep to me costing over 50% of the retail value of the game just to add a third more content…
cause of this I probably wont buy the dlc until it comes on sale or there’s a dry spell of gaming


I had seen that a monster can cost $14.99. That seems a bit much in a game with little longevity. Evolve needs the DLCs to be successful if there is to be longevity. At $4.00 a hunter and $15 a monster… I see this hindering the longevity. I personally will buy a few monsters and hunters but not everyone will. I like the idea of buying them as you what them and buying them separately. It reminds me of Warframe. Maybe this game would do better as a F2P model


for me £8-10 for monster and £3-4 for hunter seems about right
with a discount for getting them as a bundle and if possible if you buy 1 separately that money comes off the bundle as I encourages more sales since the few characters you aren’t interesting in are being sold for such a good deal how can you say no?

lol it probably could though cheap dlc with crazy sales but good luck anyone who pitches the idea to 2k or any triple A publisher
“hey you know that £55 we get at release from people who buy our game? lets not have that and give it away for free…”