Why are monsters OP?


Please don’t merge this thread. I just wanna understand what in the patch caused this unfairness. I’m a monster main Silver Expert. Since the patch I’ve won 8 matches in a row against people within one rank of me. I only lost health in 2. I played only wraith and Goliath. I am inclined to believe goliath is still balance as he only got a climb speed buff. Also, wraith got adjusted not buffed as far as damage goes. It’s not unfair to fix her harpoon problem. I’m just wondering why this feel so easy all of a sudden. Really wasteland just became like any other trapper and the assaults do just a little less damage. Why is every comp so weak suddenly.

About this whole monster OP thing

Short answer: People are readjusting.

Long answer: Don’t have one, see short answer.


I like your style lol


Meh, I genuinely couldn’t think of a long answer, but the short one is pretty much right anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Joking answer: To show Hunters how we felt.

Serious Answer: I have no idea.


Well, the melee hit boxes were a big change just by themselves.

^paraphrase of a dev


Fixed that for ya, :wink:


The stronger hunters were nerfed, so now hunters are readjusting to thier previously “Goto” comps suddenly not working as well as they once did.


you mean I can finally be goliath without having to deal with little hanks who run when I touch them and shield when I go for someone else or a comp that I cant get away from aka griffin sunny val who know what else


I didn’t think 25% faster climb speed would make that much of a difference lol


I think its funny that everybody Isn’t use to the game “Evolving” yet… Its kind of why I always choose the most random characters. Especially when its something I’ve never seen. You got to keep it fresh! Try something different! Monsters are fine, Just landing more attacks/hits due to hit-box fix.


Yes i agree, the game is unplayable now for hunters…
Time to wait the macropatch at this point…totally disappointed


Same since the patch we’ve almost lost all the time no matter the comp, even against some bad monsters. And as a Monster I didn’t lose yet, even against my friends wich are quite good while I’m pretty awful.
Think I’m going to play a lot less until TU9


I was on a team with two Bronze Elites, is that what you call a one rank spread from your Silver Expert?

Try harder.


Try being on a team with DR noobs. It is absolute horror.


I’ve been playing since people couldn’t even get around the map without dying.


It was like that anyways. Same as playing a comp against a noob Monster. Three minutes in and it’s done.


Nah teams of silver masters, teams of silver skilled, and everything in between.


I literally played you. Lol


Oh. Well I played like 8 teams I’m well aware that I pubstomped a few other teams today but this was posted before I pubstomped you. I played a bunch of teams that I’m familiar with the I win lose to 50% of the time. On a side note did I play EK on you?