Why are monster 'sneak attacks' so unsneaky?


The monster doesn’t have to be hidden at all. It just has to crouch for a second and then it can pounce on you like it disappeared . I just had a match where it was literally right in front of me with me shooting it, it paused for a second and then sneak attacked me. wtf?


:lazarus: :The cycle begins again.

So basically, and this has been a discussion thats been going on forever, where “Sneak pounce” is a misleading name. Think of it more as a “Tackle”, if you will. Devs have said they want to tweak it, however, so that it can’t be such a, imo, cheesy ability, but they haven’t given specifics yet.


I’m glad they are considering it, it does really suck to just have the monster jump on you and have to be like “welp, I guess that’s me dead.”


I agree, I hate being the last person on Hunt or Arena and the Monster quite literally seeks me out and starts trying to sneak attack me. It is a cheesy victory, no honor and a bit of a cheat to the finish line, to be honest.

Primary reason why I loathe Stage Two’s disability to cloak as a Support, because that was what I would use to escape the Monster at any given area if it tried to do this to me.

Yes, sneak attack is a very misleading name, as Quirkly said, it is simply a tackle that can’t be avoided if you’re standing before the Monster with no one else nearby and you can’t shoot it. It is both a dishonorable way to go and a cheesy victory - I wish there was a way to get the Monster off before you perished, especially as the last person.


In evolve, its not really sneaky sometimes, where there is an element of stealth and furtiveness like hiding in a bush.

Called it a sneak- pounce because you have to sneak (crouch) before you pounce in evolve. :grinning:.
You just can’t pounce your target… there is not button for “pounce” only.

For animals… you have to be sneaky to get close to your prey.:sunglasses: and …


I play monster as well as hunter and I don’t like cheesy victories while I play monster. I doesn’t feel like a victory to me.


Relevant logic tree is relevant.


It’s not cheesy. I was able to stall a Goliath for several minutes with RVal just by roaching and spamming HB. He didn’t use the sneak pounce and had to deal with me for quite some time (I was the last hunter alive).