Why Are Mic's on ps4 AMPLIFIED By 400% Approx


Every single person I know on Evolve on ps4 has this problem. When people are talking through game chat, their volume is amplified soooo LOUD, IT UNBEARABLE!!! I also so someone else complain on a reply to another thread…

I beg you, for the sake of people’s ears, fix it

I think Evolve would be better without Elder Kraken

You can change your own mic volume.


There should be an option to turn it down in setttings.


None of us know how. :stuck_out_tongue:


Options -> Audio -> Voice chat volume


It’s not an ingame setting. The ps4 voice chat is bugged like that since the alpha and it was never changed. If you use the forum search you’ll find topics back from February about this issue.

Now the devs have it logged, but are not really working on it.


You can do that but then you have to turn it back up when you go to a party. It is a giant hassle. The volume is up way too high naturally on Evolve.


How do you know? It’s only been 3 days! The next patch will probably be at the end of the year, so just give it time.

Just play as monster.


We dont need workarounds we need a consistent sound volume in party and in ingame voice chat.


I rather see it like 10 months and not 3 days. I mean, it can’t be really high on their priority list then.
I don’t know for sure of course, but that’s just my guess.


So how it is, there is 0 way of lowering the volume (mic) in Evolve. The way is to change it from PS menu, which is EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT and my mic is not detected by playstation but still works lol. Even if I play without headset, there is 0 way so decrease tv volume but the game too. I HATE IT SO MUCH! I pray and pray it gets fixed. Its been tooooo long. I would give this game a better rating if they just fix this simple problem. I hate how they put this as low priority


People clamor for new content regularly. That is what they work on first. Also, it is tough to add a setting in-game that changes a system setting, just saying. I think it is fine the way it is. Just hit the PS button and take ten seconds of your precious time to improve your own quality of life while waiting for the match. Something like an improved colorblind mode or bug fixes and balance should take precedence over something players can do on their own, not to mention the character that is on the cusp of being released and open projects they’ve already promised, like T5 Support and adaptions.


They promised they would fix this mic issue in February, way before tier 5 release or tier 4 lol. [quote=“TrickshotMcgee, post:12, topic:78232”]
Also, it is tough to add a setting in-game that changes a system setting, just saying.
They have the setting to change mic on Xbox and PC but forgot ps4

Like I said previously that my mic is not detected by the ps4 but still can chat and hear. The selection for the mic volume is grayed out

Like @LadieAuPair said, it on their end


PS4 works differently than Xbox does. It may vary per system. PC connects through the game while consoles connect via their subscription to their providers (Xbox Live and PSN). I will concede, though, if it was that long ago, that it could have been looked at.

Out of curiosity, what headphones do you use for your mic?


I use turtle beach PX3


On ps4, the ingame mic quality is quite poor, if your playing by yourself I would recommend inviting them to a party.


usually they don’t want to join lol. It is super poor. all other games its fine


I’m sorry to say I can’t help you then, the Dev’s have not fixed the mic quality and are not going to any time soon. I only play hunter while in a party with people I already know so I don’t run into this problem.


You lucky soul


Get friends, join the community, I’m currently part of the ranked players list/ESL player community, maybe you could make a favourite group of your own with people you meet.