Why Are Leaderboards Joined together?


Why am I fourth place when its just kids farming bots in front of me?


Solo play does not go to the leaderboard statistics I thought.


@Spookycolt is right, I’ve only played kraken offline and I’m simply not on the leaderboard


I think the only way they could boost leaderboards is if they have a 5 man game and search for a hunt.


Really would love an answer as to why the douche bags are allowed at the top of the leaderboard and the people who run it don’t see anything wrong that this kid is exploiting to the top along with the rest of them. To the legit players, this is completely unfair. So because I don’t want to be a bitch and exploit using a group to get the top of the leader board, I have no chance, not even remotely fair.

Would someone at turtle rock please explain to me why I should keep playing, since I want a shot at the leaderboard since I’m the best kracken. The only way for those kids infront of me is to cheat to beat me, and it’s bullshit, the same way in most any other game with an online leaderboard. Why is noone monitoring it? Why is noone checking stats? Why is noone realizing that 234 wins 1 lose with less M travled than most isn’t complete bullshit.

I demand you clear your leaderboard and make it legit. Get these cheating exploting bitches off my legit score board.


Why keep playing? How about because game-play in Evolve is fun and original? If position on leaderboards is the main reason you’re playing games, I suggest you to talk to a psychologist about your self-esteem. Personally after playing for 50 hours I didn’t even look at leaderboards yet. Just enjoy the game itself for goodness sake.


Whilst I can see the frustration, at the same time, if you are better than them, why worry? You KNOW you are better than them, and they’re using exploits, you don’t need the leaderboard to validate that for you. Just continue playing and enjoying the game and hopefully the devs will deal with the exploiters in due time.


[quote=“Blixil, post:5, topic:37360, full:true”]Why is noone realizing that 234 wins 1 lose with less M travled than most isn’t complete bullshit.

Yea, this here pisses me off. I’m not anywhere near the top. In fact, my best hunter is Hyde where I’m in the Top 500, but it’s still infuriating to see people cheating a leaderboard. It doesn’t matter what game it is. I hate leaderboard rigging scum.

TRS should routinely spectate people in the Top 5 spots to insure that there is no funny business going on. It shouldn’t take much in the way of manpower to do it.


Do you have any idea of the manpower and cost that would require? The timetabling? Making sure staff are present as people on the top of the leaderboards are playing in the evening / at night?

I’m sorry, I’m sure there’s fixes for people alt-F4’ing out of a loss, but otherwise it’s just not worth the manpower. Having staff adjudicate people on top of the leaderboards personally is just a rediculous notion, though.


Yep this kind of thinking “fuck our player base that wants to be competitive” Lets let cheaters run rampant across our leader board, and it has been done in just about every game and no one cares. Because Money > player base .

In the words of brad pit “America is a business fuck you pay me” That is your thinking, not “what can we do to make sure that the cheaters arent on the leader board and sit there until the game ultimately fails because people see oh there is a cheater at the top, no way I can compete.”


Right, okay, where to start?

First up, TRS and 2K are not personifications of American virtues of wholeness and good, they are businesses.

Secondly, can you even begin to think of the cost of ‘monitoring’ these games manually?
It would be in the thousands PER day, just monitoring the top ten of the global leaderboard at minimum wage! Not a productive use of time or money.

I’m sure there are things that can be done, but the suggestion of monitoring games just to check a handful of people don’t cheat is so very naive. I’m sure TRS have some fixes coming, but off-handed lay saying “just monitor them, I can’t see that being too much trouble”… Just, no.

No need to despair that it’s all about money though, as TRS are decent folk and will, I am certain, endeavour to do what they can about it.


least your wins haven’t been reset multiple times… I have at least a 180+ wins and now its reset again (third or fourth time now) and I’m stuck at 36 wins - which now i have lost my patients and its really a bunch of shit. How are top leaderboard players not effected by this yet…


Man, if only I didnt have bills to pay. :stuck_out_tongue: