Why are hunters so hostile?


As a monster i wonder if the Hunters really are intelligent and this war thing. What is that all about?

I am just sitting on my rock and thinking about life and then 4 aggressive strangers wants to kill me.

So i take 3 of them down easy and to prove that i am not hostile i leave one left with 10 % of Health. Then all come back and they are still hostile so i do it one more time and a third time. Maiby even a fourth time.

After that I am not even damaged and with full armour. I go and sit on a rock and still this tiny stupid trapper bug tries to damage me.

I have 6600 notches on my rock and up to this day i have only encountered a couple of hunters thats wants to sit at my rock instead of being hostile.

Dont u have any self preservation. Do u like to die?

I just dont get it.


Suicide is fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


You are hostile. Dont play with your food. Just bring it to the end.


The Coyote Jackal has no fear >.>


Everyone fight near the cute little drone :smile:


When i rarely reincarnat in to a hunter i usually do suicide instead of being humiliated like this. The tyrant is good for that.

It is also fun to sit on the rock as a hunter and watch the hunters die and die over and over again. Some gets upset for some strange reason,

I just dont get that either.


The Hunters are just regular school bullies. <.<


You should go after that big glowing power thingy. It’s so dang loud and annoying with it’s glowing and high pitched ringing. Maybe if you get rid of that they’ll leave you alone?


Exactly, why cant we all just be friends?


Few reasons.

  1. That’s my rock
  2. you’re butt ugly
  3. I need to kill you…FOR MONEY!
  4. Wildlife is too easy
  5. Violence is fun


See, it’s humans like you that are the problem. The instant something decided it wants to be top predator your all like “nooooo, that’s myyyyy spot”. Well we don’t have to take that anymore.


You’re absolutely right. Hence why you must die.


Because canonically, the monsters invaded the planet after the humans invaded the planet. That rock you are sitting on was the wild life’s first. Then it was the human’s. Then it was yours. So you basically stole it from them. The hunters are just here to get the rock back.


You hunters and humans all come to these planets acting like they are rightfully yours. We are here to prove otherwise. Factor and Shear were just the start. Planet by planet, system by system. We will liberate every single speck of matter from your kind. We WILL make it to Hub and we WILL come to Earth. Ah~ Earth. Just one. Big. Buffet.


Except the monsters goal isn’t to kill all humans, so I have no idea who or what you could be role playing as.


Earth is just the last rock to sit on.


Earth is probably what comes after they’ve taken care of everywhere else. Earth inhabitants are rich people, I gather, so they’ll likely have really powerful weapons and really good medicine. Lots and lots of Generys.


We will evolve. Nature and Eldritch abominations always finds a way.


But, but its funnnn! ;_;


Nobody seem to understand there is a serious question behind.

Wy do allmost all hunter try to “win” when they don´t have any chance?

I usually give up and leave or comit suicide if the others are gone or just wait passivly for the monster to kill me.

Its hillarius when a downed hunter just continue shoting even if he doesent do any meaningfull damage.

How can people be so retarded? There is no limit to how stupid this is. Do most people really belive they make a difference?