WHY are hunter skins weapon only?


This isn’t a complaint or anything I just want to know why TRS can’t make the hunters’ attire look different, it would be cooler and encourage more people to buy the skins.


Each class has their own color scheme, it would ruin the point of it all.


Markov and Parnell have the same colors, as well as hyde, it’s all red


I meant to say class. Assaults red, Supoort yellow, so on so forth


However, they could do reskins of current characters while keeping the same color scheme, so personally I think that is a moot point.


You’re right, makes sense. If would be cool though, to me.


They could do a retexture though, that would be rather wicked


Well, here’s the thing:

With Monster skins, you actually can see your Monster in all of his / her glory.
With Humans… all you see is your weapon. The only people who would be able to appreciate the look of your skins is… other people.


They said that reskins don’t always look nice, they tried re skinning Markov but he just didn’t look as good as the original


Isn’t that the point of skins in almost any multiplayer game?

If everyone has default outfits, yet there are additional skins to be unlocked for achievements, I would most likely chose them to showcase that I have done it.
If it’s for myself only… I don’t care.
Pretty sure, many people who play multiplayer only games think the same.


The base skins and overall mise-en-scene of the game is typically brilliant, as was l4d, it seems to be a calling card.

I get the impression that the addition of there being any skins at all is a reaction to other games in the market and is something pushed on the game via 2k.

I speculate this because all the skins appear at first lazy due to basic tweaks but I think its more reluctance from trs to spoil the design of the game.

I don’t care about skins personally, l4d never needed them, but if there in the game they need to have more purpose put into them then they do currently. Reaching Elite caira and you can change the gun colour is pointless. Look at smite, reskins should be remodels, or departures from the original, give extra character or don’t bother imo


I agree with this, which is why I don’t buy that excuse. They could completely change Markov or Maggie’s outfits and keep them their respective colors.


I think they said “if we are going to totally retexture an entire character instead of change the color scheme, we might as well put that effort into an entirely new character”


Like really? If RIOT had the same attitude in League of Legends, they wouldn’t be swimming in money today…while having a playerbase that absolutely loves them for the skins they created.

Since Turtle Rock Studios were going to make some skins anyway they should have asked themselves one simple question beforehand: Are we going to make some recolors that customers would consider “meh”, “lame”, “lazy” or “okay-ish” at best and create a “not worth it” first impression of the shop, or are we going to make some outstanding skins that are going to have the “shut up and take my money” effect on customers? Personally I wouldn’t be aiming for “meh”-diocrity, but to each his own I suppose.

I’d love to hear an estimate of what creating an entirely new skin would cost.


New characters require a lot more though. New skins are kind of that “middle ground” where they can give new looks to people’s current favorites without having to do new voice acting, new animations, new weapons, new abilities, etc. It is less work so they can charge less and still satisfy the playerbase looking for stuff like this. You may have noticed that there have been a lot of skin threads with this same theme.

I can understand them starting with basic skins though. They want to see the reaction, see if there is any interest in skins before committing to more advanced stuff. Also, I would imagine that a lot of these were kind of pumped out “last minute” when the art team was done with the base game and wanted to fit some basic skins in before release.


I guess it depends on the size of their team. If it is one or two people doing skins than it may be justifiable for them to be working on the new DLC characters.


and they are totaly right. You have to admit those hunters really have their own soul due to their original skins…


if they dont do crazy skins like LoL (even if they are still color coded for the class) i will be in disappointment.


I read an official comment on that (sry i don’t have a link to that thread) where a mod (i guess it was MacMan) said, that hunter skins are weapons only, because those are, what players can actually see of themselves during a game.
Whoever made the decision to make hunter weapon only skins based on that thought, totally missed out the fact, that people usually want to buy skins to show off… And well… you can’t do that with weapon skins…


A lot of the people saying they want to show off, but even if I can’t see it the other players can as well as the monster and in the drop at the start of the match. So there’s plenty of times where it’d be seen. I was rather sad it was just weapon skins as I love playing Hank but his gear look is “meh” in my opinion so if I could buy a skin for Hank that I thought looked great I’d buy it in a heartbeat simply for the fact that even if I can’t see it during gameplay I know how I look and how others see me (including the monster especially when I’m getting focused lol).