Why are elite wildlife being removed for the competitive scene?

So it only works when you’re in the air and doing sustained jetpack movement? I’d much rather have the 200% faster refuel.

I think it works like that. The thing is that reduced fuel is good to keep out of the range of the monster’s basic attacks and ground abilities. Jetpack recharge is better for dodging (eg. Kraken’s lightning strike or Goliath’s rock throw). If I would have to choose one of these two buffs for a certain monster than I would go. Goliath and Kraken - jetpack recharge, Wraith - reduced fuel

I really don’t think he can. Hyde needs some serious loving to compete.

People are claiming that the monster has the buff advantage because he can eat it and denie it to the hunters. But let’s not forget, If hunters catch you killing a buff, they can denie you from eating it by interrupting you … on the other hand, if theres a buff laying on the ground hunters only need to press a button and you instantly get the buff.

When the topic rounds tournament play, my team and i agree that without buffs, masteries, and perks - the hunt mode gets really stale and slow.

However , we do think that all the major buffs (life regen, +35% dmg, -35% dmg, stamina recharge/jetpack recharge, class cooldown) shoulden’t spawn in the game right away.

  • 00:00 game starts.
  • 00:4x hunters touch down.
  • the hunt for X monster begins.

fast forward 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the monster has now had plenty of time to scour for lesser buffs, as have the hunters. it has also had plenty of time to feed and stage up if he/she was elusive enough to shake the hunters.

  • 04:30 Buffs appear on the map at their usual spots.

now as soon as these major elite buffs spawn, the game changes radically. if the monster is close to death but has managed to get strikes on just the right people, you really dont want him to pickup health regen and evade you for a minute or two. vice versa you dont want the hunters to pickup that nasty Sloth perk because thet’ll most of the time spell your end.

Instead of removing perks, masteries and wildlife buffs, wether it’s in the core game or in tournaments, i think a timer on their spawn is a much better idea. because face it.
without them the game is stale, and with them in from the start its more of a question wich map you’re on, if the hunters can actually STOP the monster from obtaining the powerfull buffs and denying you from getting them.

If i get a vote, masteries, perks and buffs should stay in on the competitive scene aswell as the core game. but it COULD do with a timer to make players on either side forced to plan ahead, and make a suitable strategy to obtain the buffs they need/want.

We are running a SiTH PC Tournament this Sunday with everything turned on: The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament, 22nd Feb 7pm GMT (2pm EST) We’ll be keeping everything turned on for future tournaments too, running them exactly like public matches. I think TRS are going to be adding more competitive options with Ranked Play though so we’ll have to see what they decide on for that. I really hope perks and buffs are turned on though.

People actually need buffs to win as monster?

They are not needed, but they make the game more interesting.

You mean easier?

Oh boy you are in for a rude awakening, after you run into the 4 man teams that know how to play.

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Not easier more interesting. Sub objectives add cool gameplay interactions.

@Desperaato The difference between pugs and normal players really comes down to a few things.

  1. Not freaking out in combat
  2. Knowing how to position
  3. Good communication

Most monster players don’t understand how to beat competent teams, but it isn’t super hard.

  1. Try to knock them into bad positions
  2. Make them use jetpack fuel before hitting them with KO abilities
  3. Try to keep the high ground
  4. Learn how to sneak well
  5. Learn the interactions between the monsters and every comp.
  6. Keeping a level head at all times. If you freak out the game is over.

Wait, are you saying that Elite Buffs negate your pre-round chosen perks? I don’t think that’s so.

Alright, after some consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to let the competitive scene flesh out a bit more. Over time, certain tournaments will show up with certain rulesets that may be better than others (like the 5-player monster+hunters team setup).

I still think minimizing RNG is the best way to make matches fully fair, but someone brought up an interesting point: buffs give the game more depth. I always find some enjoyment out of finding a buff, killing the elite wildlife, laying a mine on it to give the monster some trouble, or even camping it until it decays. I just feel like at times, if games come down to the wire, elite buffs can be the difference between one team losing and one winning.

Competitive players don’t want volatile RNG deciding the outcome of the match, and that is exactly what these buffs allow for to happen.

I wouldn’t mind an option in custom matches for static buff locations. I like @Araji idea of buffs appearing in timed waves, with stronger buffs appearing later in the match. It would help pace the game better.

Games like SC, CS, LoL would never have turned into the competitive juggernauts they are today if they had the volatile RNG Evolve has (lets not forget carrion birds).

I play dota, and there’s a fuckton of RNG. Crit chance, evasion, rosh spawn, even raw damage has variance. It’s somewhat predictable, because it’s running PRD, but so are birds. The wildlife buffs are just like the runes. you know where they’ll spawn, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll get it.

You might want to go and play against @Araji and his team and report back after that.

RNG is not necessarily a bad thing, but game changing RNG is. An unexpected crit/dodge can change the outcome of a fight and COULD potentially be a game changer, but COULD flies out of the window when we talk about Evolve RNG

Early game RNG can make or break a game. Getting carrion birds on your second feeding can totaly ruin the game for a monster and, on the other hand, stumbling upon a pack mammoth birds and a cooldown albino means you can engage hunters at full armor with an amazing buff the second they spawn (or even better, next to some nasty wildlife)

Rather than shutting down RNG and removing buffs completely, they could probably tweak a tournament version where buffs and other RNG stuff spawn differently or are more balanced.

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Crit chance, evasion and damage are not volatile RNG that I am talking about. Those happen so often over the course of a single match, hell single encounter, that it evens itself out over time. Even with Roshan, he is well paced. You can not get him in the early game, you know exactly where he spawns every time, and he always spawns in a 8-11 min block. Players can plan around it. Its hard to plan around an elite tyrant when it could have up to 4 different spawn locations on some maps, and its not even guaranteed it will spawn. Also with carrion birds, you could trigger them as soon as hunters land, or not trigger them at all before evolving to stage 2… which Ive seen happen a couple times now, even though its not suppose to.

isn’t this amount of RNG fairly well countered by a best 2 out of 3 format?.. isn’t that kind of the entire point of a best 2 out of 3?

not having perks or elite bonuses is just silly. that’s eliminating so much of the mental aspect of the game. removing so much of what makes it fun and interesting. If i wanted to just watch guys shoot stuff i’d watch CoD tournaments.

If it’s the same type, I believe so.

If you take the reload perk, then get the elite reload buff, I believe that the 200% reload speed over-writes the 37 to 55% (depending on rank) reload perk you selected rather than stacks with it.

I believe so… I could be wrong, but I heard that somewhere around here.

If it’s a different type, then no, no overwriting at all.