Why are elite wildlife being removed for the competitive scene?


It means that their are no sub objectives to fight over. You lose a whole level of the game that makes it both enjoyable to watch, and a ton of competitive value.

Also the recent ESL tournament made you call out what monster you were playing giving the hunter teams a significant advantage.

The competitive scene is laughable at the moment.



the same reason X is banned from Y tournament

did the hunters also call out what hunters they were playing?


Because they’re too RNG for competitive people.

You know you want to say it, so say it with me; Fusion Plant. No perks or buffs. Goliath only.


fusion plant is easy win for monster. the northern chokepoint is full of 3 free meats so you can evolve almost instantly


No, and it made me sick.

@Sannom I find half of the beauty of the competitive nature of Evolve is the RNG. Should the best players really be those who can follow a set meta? IMO that’s not what evolve should be. I see Evolve as a chess match with rules that are constantly changing, but not changing by much. The best of the best should be those who can adapt to these changes, not those who can play perfectly. What I’m getting at is Evolve as an Esport has a chance to be very tactical outside of combat, but atm the export community is removing this.


I think you missed the joke.



and the hunters won? ( i haven’t watched it)

im assuming that the hunters all picked perks to kill the monster chosen and the monster just had whatever he thought was best blindly.


Just about every match. Only one guy playing monster won.


i declare this tournament invalid. pre-calling monsters gives hunters an advantage off the bat. not to mention wildlife perks, which are like half the fun.

if i call wraith why would they pick lazarus? they’re going caira and cabot and abe. very biased tourney.


Woaaaah. I in no way said I agreed with them.


Yep, an enormous one…which is why it’s unsurprising they tended to win lol.

I feel buffs/perks should be fine. The buffs aren’t totally random, you know the spawn points. Just not which one it spawned at.


Sorry I was just stating my thoughts. It just gets me upset that esports might die for this game just because how poorly it is starting.


then let’s get a forum tournament going so we can see how bad we all are.


That’s not a bad idea. The guys who did the beta one might be willing to do another one with updated rules.


coin flip for weather conditions


Lol, blizzard. Only way to play.


I’d laugh, but it’s hard to laugh at something that doesn’t really exist.


Seems fair even though I feel in game RNG works just as well :stuck_out_tongue:

@CrippleCreek Well it is starting, and the recent tournament doesn’t show good signs.


I think the tourney rules should be regular hunt. With or without buffs for everybody is debatable. But more interesting if turned on. I think the best part of hunting is taking hunters who aren’t ideal for certain monsters and making them work.


Not true. Big creatures may have the same spawn points, but which of the big guys carries the buff is random. The smaller creatures have a random spawn point and thus an even more random location of the buff.

if the starting route that the monster took just so happens to have a buff in it, its a big boost in the monsters favor. (Cause monsters can deny the hunters buffs, not vica versa. cough game is favored towards monsters cough )