Why are Determining Rank players treated as bronze level?


When playing in a party yesterday, I only gained 1 point from winning against a determining rank player, yet when I lost today I lost 20 points.
I read up on Wikipedia about Elo and I think I get how it works just fine.
So here’s my problem:
Why do players gain/lose points against determining rank players. What if this guy that is determining rank gets placed gold. I don’t think I should lose 20 points if I am only a silver expert.
On the other hand, when I win against a determing rank, I only get 1 point?
My suggestion:
Either have a set amount of points gain/lost against DR players, or just have no buff or penalty what so ever. The qualifying ten matches are there just to gather info right?

Otherwise, like against non-DR, the system seems to be working fine. Thanks for this update TRS.


I would assume there is a default point value given to new players. Probably around 1000-1200. Again assuming they don’t have a proper ‘determining rank’ elo system which is kept separate from the already ranked players, you would lose points based on that average value of 1200.


I agree with him though losing against a person in placement should lose you the same as you would gain for beating them when they are actually ranked is when you should lose points based on their relative points. losing less against a higher ranked but winning more if you beat them. Against a lower rank losing more points than you would get for beating them.