Why are carion birds RNG?


Why did you even put any RNG like this in the game. Literally a % chance you will find them. This means bullshit like the first thing I ate in a match attracting birds could happen. Please make it more consistent (ie, the first comes after 12 meats, then 11, then 10 or something like that)


From what I can tell…which maybe it’s just coincidence, but the further you are from the hunters, the higher the chance…the longer it’s been since an encounter, the higher the chance. Outside of that, I’m not sure if anything really influences it, but the birds are meant to keep the game interesting. And I tell you what, nothing is more boring than playing as hunters with griffin/abe against a stealth monster that managed to get the no bird buff.


There is SOME sort of consistency with it. The more less meats you eat the higher your chance of getting birds (IE if you just eat 1 meats you can get a high chance of birds)

They are useful, without them the Hunters will literally have NOTHING to go off of. Try playing a game as Hunters without Daisy and the monster ONLY sneaks. You’re going to wish you had Carions going off. It’s to keep the tension between the two teams live.


I usually go the sneaky route as a monster, I don’t mind these birds at all.

As a monster, you can usually guess where abouts the hunters are.
With a carrion bird, you know exactly where they are headed.

You can use this to your advantage in order to sneak away without ever being seen, or you can use this to set up an ambush!

And as others have mentioned: They seem to appear more often if you stay hidden a long time or are far away from the hunters. Just get yourself an occasional encounter if you have the shield for it. Even just hunter downs (not kills) are useful to make killing them easier later on.

  1. Eat Albino
  2. Get “Birds Ignore You” Perk
  3. ???
  4. Profit.


So, in order to beat the RNG we should use RNG to get a specific perk? Seems legit


It’s actually a common perk on most maps.


I’m not saying it’s rare, I’m saying it’s RNG. That whole ‘tactic’ is pretty useless if the game decides to not give that perk.


I actually like the Carrion bird RNG. You can use it against the hunters. All it does is ping the map. If you know where the hunters are you can loop, and start feeding on the side they were just on.


This mechanic is meant to keep the game interesting, if birds screw you over, you’re doing something wrong.


By the way, if you eat rotten corpse, the chance to get carrion bird cancer is higher.


Is there any way to be sure if something is a rotten corpse or not? Aside from knowing if you just killed it of course.


You see the muscles/meat instead of the skin/fur. At least I’m guessing that’s what he’s referring to.


I had a pretty bad match where I got carrion birds three times in a row right at the beginning. That round did not last long.


I honestly hate its RNG nature. Some games can be decided on a lucky, early carrion bird trigger. I also wish it was WAAAY more consistent.

For Example (and just examples)

  • At Stage 1 and less than half armor, monster triggers birds 1 out every 7 feedings
  • Once past 250 meters from hunters, monster triggers birds 1 out every 4 feedings
  • At Stage 2 full health/armor, monster triggers them 1 out every 3 feedings regardless
  • At Stage 3 and over 50% armor, monster triggers them at every feeding.

Stuff like that.


That’s a nice idea, although I wouldn’t pick such hard values.
What happens when you are at stage 1 under half armor but more than 250 meters distance? It’s 1/7 for one and 1/4 for the other. What happens if you meet no conditions (like 75% armor, within 250 meters and stage 1)

What could maybe work better is have a default and make everything give a bonus or penalty. So by default it’s 1 out of 5 feedings, but being stage 1 under half armor gives +2 feedings. Being 250 meters away would then give -1 feeding.
This way, you can add a bunch of conditions and they never clash. Given the above example it would be 5+2-1 so 1 carrion every 6 feedings.

These values are also just examples, they would need proper tweaking before being put into the game.

Edit: I really love the idea of them triggering more often when you’re at full armor though. Why? It promotes having the occasional encounter to burn that shield away a bit. Also stops monsters from sneaking their way to stage 3.


The higher trigger condition would override all other conditions (in that example the 1 out of 4 trigger would win out) Also I could have put more conditions, but I just wanted to express the idea. You could always default to a base trigger condition if for some reason no other conditions are met. Your bonus idea would work too. The general idea is that its a much more consistent system players can plan around.


That’s enough to evolve to stage 2 without ever making noise, much less being seen. We should be pushing for more conflict, not adding ways to plan around triggering a conflict spark.


Again, these were just examples. Don’t focus too much on the values. I leave the actual numbers to the devs.


And like I said…