Why are Assaults so boring weapon-wise?


I’m sorry but… Assault secondaries are so damn bland and boring, it’s hard getting behind them. I almost never use secondaries (I know, I’m a trash tier Assault).

Markov’s Assault Rifle is… well, that one is self explanatory. Hyde’s Minigun is pretty lame compared to everything else in his kit. Parnell’s Rocket Launcher is boring to use when you compare it to his Shotgun (which is still pretty boring tbr). Torvald’s Mortar Strike is pretty legit, and that would be cool, if his Shotgun wasn’t boring as hell to use. Don’t even get me started on Lennox, the only hero who actually FORCES you to use her secondary in order to hit fleeing monsters. And Renegabe… I don’t know much about him. He seems to be the most interesting of the Assaults, and he’s technically supposed to be a Trapper!

The Assault class just feels so bland… not personality wise, obviously. Assault characters have some of the most colorful and diverse personalities in the game. But their weapons are… eh.


Consistency is boring.


He has his primary/secondary combined into one weapon slot and thusly has two utility slots. His toxin dart does good poison damage and increases damage taken by the monster by 7.5% and his grenade reduces damage the monster deals by 5%.


No, I know that. I just didn’t know like, what slots his abilities were in or anything. I didn’t exactly know what his secondary was.


So you didn’t know his secondary and primary shared the same slot?


I didn’t realize that the powerful two shot actually counted as his secondary. If so, that’s probably the most boring secondary out of all of them, sadly.


Yah, I’ve kinda been disappointed by the assaults as well. I hope they shake the gameplay up with them, break their mold. Maybe we get an assault that doesn’t have an assault shield. Maybe we get a new “firing type” like Kala and Cabot have. I dunno. Their lack of diversity in playstyles beyond “here is the weapon you use in short range and here is the weapon you use in mid-long range” erks me.


Part of it is just their visual and audio designs. Hyde secondary used to have an awesome sound that made it more intersting. If you’ve played any shooters than a basic AR is gonna seem lame to use as a giant monster hunting tool. Rocket launcher could use a more intersting visual, heck just make it bigger! Lennox is interesting but a pain in the ass to use just to get the same damage as other assaults making her too frustrating to enjoy.

I like Torvald as is tbh despite his some what lackluster performance of late.


I’d give them more special properties or something like that. For Hyde’s minigun, I think it’d be cool if it started slow and then went up to full speed. Increase the max DPS of it to balance it out. Lennox’s cannon is a bit of start, since it’s an explosive now.


The whole Assault class is boring. Boring characters and boring concept. Just doing damage? Just shooting? No timing, no communication, no skill? Kden.


Parnell rockets boring???

I love using Parnell’s Rockets. They sound so satisfying to shoot. The Assault Rifle is fun too. Especially Blitz’s.

The minigun is boring and slow, and so is the AA gun.

I like Torvald’s auto shotty because it’s fun to hear the weakpoint noise go off so much.

Blocking rocks, timing of shield, chase damage, sweeping a cave, not dying when pushing alone, not taking too much excess damage, outputting a lot of damage… assaults do take the least amount of timing, but the depth is all still there, and it’s needed to take down a good monster. Just watch some high level games. Medics and Supports would be going down left and right if it wasn’t for their meat shields. And even then, they still might, and the assault needs to make sure the damage is there.

The assault class is heavily under appreciated tbh. The difference between a bad team and a good team is a medic and support; the difference between a good team and a great team is a trapper and assault.

Now the gameplay being boring is personal opinion. I enjoy it. Others don’t.


I don’t know what you mean by boring or what you’re really expecting. This is a game where people run around and shoot giant monsters with guns. Do you want the guns to be covered in tentacles or something? Want them to shoot rainbows and spaghetti?

Besides, I think Hyde’s gatling gun and Parnell’s rocket launcher are pretty cool.


I personally feel like the assault has the least amount of diversity within the class than all the other classes. Every medic with except to adaptations heals in a completely different way, and even supports have unique weapon attributes like Kala and Cabot and the supports cover a range of different options for survivability and damage, whereas basically every assault in the game is aiming at the monster and shooting with either a short ranged weapon or a longer ranged weapon.

Maybe… Kala has a monster hand that projects energy “bombs”.


Still waiting sniper/railgun assault


Well the role of the Assault is to be the primary damage dealer, while also functioning to a smaller degree as a tank. There are only so many weapons you can really have for a short-ranged-direct-damage-threat-tank kind of character. Renegade Abe is their attempt at changing things up by having a sustained dps DoT based assault. Still the role of the assault is to put out the most damage to the monster; the tools need to be good enough at doing that to be worth it, and most good tools are simple… i.e. simple guns.

Well if the sky’s the limit as far as guns are concerned the voodoo doll weapon from Blood is pretty cool. Also the exploding hammers the Warrior used in Hexen.


No, I want them to be interesting mechanic-wise. Assaults absolutely have the least amount of diversity in their kit. I didn’t say take it to the extreme like a “tentacle gun” or anything like that, but I’d prefer if they had something that made their kits just a little less bland.

Edit: Actually, nevermind, a tentacle gun sounds pretty sick. I’m down. Thanks for the great idea!



Jumping.[quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
timing of shield

I don’t see this as skillful.[quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
chase damage

Instinctive. The Monster is running and has no armour, tell me who would think “Nah, I’ll just stop shooting.”[quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
sweeping a cave,

Also instinctive. But when you get good you just realise that it’s a good thing. [quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
not dying when pushing alone

Pressing a button if the Monster attacks you.[quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
not taking too much excess damage

Pressing a button if the Monster attacks you.[quote=“chrono, post:11, topic:99299”]
outputting a lot of damage

Shoot. Aim for the head and shoot. When you run out of ammo, swap weapon and keep shooting. Use 3 when you can. Not a whole lot of skill. Sure, you can get better Assaults than others but the skill gap is the lowest of all classes.


The only one I find boring is R.Abe.

Adaptations are naturally a little on the dull side as a direct effect of TRS not having to make entirely new models and animations.
But at least Blitzkov was based off another Assault character.

R.Abe is based off a Trapper and let’s just say it’s extremely noticeable.
None of this weapons have a particularly high “Oomph!” factor both damage-wise and effect-wise.

The only thing that comes close to looking like a destructive force are his grenades and they hardly deal damage. That’s not what they’re for. The alt-fire on his shotgun is fun though. After all, the joy of playing Assault is from shredding health bars even if the damage is highly inconsistent.

That’s what made Lennox so fun for me in the past. She might be more balanced and actually useful against Kraken now, but the joy of reaching that 4x damage against Goliath is something I’ll never see again in Evolve.

R.Abe is about consistent damage. It’s useful and balanced, but it’s also really boring to me.

Apart from that my only complaint about Assault weaponry is the lack of explosions.
That sounds dumb but it’s kind of silly when you think about it. The explosions of Markov’s Arc Mines, Parnell’s Rocket Launcher and Torvald’s Mortar Cannon are unrealistically tiny.
Same with Sunny’s Mininuke.


Would help if are assaults were not basically the same with different particles