Why am I paying this much money to beta test a unbalanced game?



t4 hunters are so obviously broken. I am never ever ever gonna play this game ever again till its properly tested and fix.

This is literally why gaming is never going to hit a golden age ever again. It should be illegal to do what companies do now adays.

Hire beta testers.

this game is just pick kraken. win. dont pick kraken. lose. thats it!

I know this thread is going to be closed down proving they just want money and to shut up anything negative and the truth.



Actually, I’d close the thread just because I’m tired of hearing you say the same thing over and over again. The game’s been tested, just because you don’t like how the game has been released, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means you’re picky.



I literally just told you why it’s bad and you simply disregard and ignore it.

Again proving my point. Thank you.



I’ll agree the thread is flame bait, but he has a point about Kraken. Ever since they made changes to how harpoons, stasis and tranqs work against his flying it seems harder to get him to the ground and made him the top monster currently.



True enough. I suggest making a thread about Kraken being the issue here then - Not "This game costs too much is broken unfinished and the developers don’t know what they’re doing, they’re criminals rawr rawr rawr’.



What exactly should be illegal?



Making money, apparently.

Criminal, isnt it?

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No the point is. ALL monsters should be good.

As of now kraken is the only monster worth playing since it can actually deal with the new hunters.

Making all monsters obsolete.

This game is not ready to be released at all.

It should be illegal to have a game thats SO not ready to be released for this price.



Well you’re free to launch a lawsuit against the company, you’re free to pursue a career in politics to make such laws a reality…



I play goliath, often. Before t4, my win % was about 80, and after, I’m sure it’s only just a little bit lower then that. (Give or take). All you have to do is play AS them and learn their weaknesses or continually play against them until you learn the same thing.

All you have to do is do what the game wants you to do, which is, adapt and evolve your thinking. Learn. Be the alpha predator that they make you by being a monster.



I thought you were one of the “top 10” krakens? What’s the problem?



dude no. I can play behemoth land all my shots perfect. all my set ups are insanely good. Its just not enough for the t4 hunters.

They do way to much damage and take less.

same for all other monsters. They just don’t do enough burst damage to deal with t4 monsters.

Sunnies shield op+ damage output and free shield regen? super op

Sunny is basicully god in this game.

Slim is god number 2.

Sunny + Slim = if you dont pick kraken you lose.

Nerf kraken? then all monsters are worthless.

after a long period then people will realize this since most people are blind.

My prediction is. kraken gets nerfed. all monsters will lose a huge amount. THEN MAYBE THEN!!! itll finally get balanced. But as of now its truley sad how unbalanced this game is.



Lol the only game I lost with behemoth is when I chased the trapper and he domed and jumped out of it leaving me armorless until his team dropped back in.



Please don’t pull that “I’m the consumer victim card”. If you have doubts on a game then don’t purchase it. It’s typical for these games so focused on trying to get the balance right that there will be patches needed. They even admitted that they weren’t going to get it right way before they launched the game so thats why they tried to get the micro-patching system out to make balance changes as quickly as possible.



Like I said. All games do this nowadays. Not just this game.

Remember when games took 2-3 years to make before releasing? and barely had any bugs in the game?

That never happens anymore since people like you want to live in denial and pay pay pay.

This game seriously is not ready to be released at all. Everyone know’s it.



Should I tag everyone?



I have never played a game with a bug or a glitch.



I’ve had a few, but they were far from game breaking. I once couldn’t climb as a behemoth (although looking back on the position, I think its because the spot I chose had a tree directly above it), and I was a victim of the shot-out-of-a-cannon speed of the kraken when I accidentally jumped off a piece of stray terrain during the early days of release.

Hey, Myala, by the way, did you know that the game seriously is not ready to be released at all?



This thread brings up valid points.

They’re badly expressed, and overdiscussed, though. I don’t know what you expected, OP. We get four guys saying this exact same thing over and over a day. The devs know, and have said that once they’re certain that the changes will make sense, they’ll do them.

Also, just read the rest of this stupid shit, and now I think this thread should be closed. One thing is saying “This is wrong and this needs fixing, here are some suggestions” and another is “This game is bad and the devs are assholes because they couldn’t predict everything.”

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As goliath, vs sunny, move away from the shield drone.

Explain how slim is OP?

He is quite easy to focus down.

But I do agree that they are getting nerfed into oblivion.