Why am I loosing points when I am not playing?

Not sure whats happening.

2 days ago, I was silver skilled as hunter.
And today I came back and I am Bronze Destroyer …

Is this intentional or anybody knows whats going on?

Last I checked, your rank doesn’t rely on any global averages or anything like that, so my guess would be that the last session you played ended in a disconnect that penalized you?

If that’s not it then good luck ever finding out the real cause.

This happened to @MidnightRoses too. It’s not supposed to happen.

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Bummer, because they need a feature where rank decays. I’m tired of seeing people ranked in High Silver or Gold who only completed their 10 placement matches.

Two days is, of course, too fast.

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Would it really matter though?

It’s not like playing a lot of games after those placement matches has a whole lot of impact either.

I feel like my 10 placement matches have had a hundred times more impact than the ~200 matches I’ve played afterwards.
Ask any good player who’s been stuck in Bronze after some bad luck in his placement matches and I think they’ll agree with me.