Why am I getting a deserter penalty even if I rejoin the game?

Yesterday I was kicked out of a game due to a protocol error. I rejoined the game before it ended, but lo and behold I had a deserter penalty. It was only for about 2 minutes so it wasn’t much of an issue for me. Until today. I submitted a support ticket for the protocol errors I was getting and was told to reinstall the game. 3+ hours later I was finally able to play again. A couple games in I ended up being black screened at character select, unable to pick my character. I waited until my friend told me the game was loading in to quit evolve and start it back up, so I wouldn’t get the loss and deserter penalty. I load back into the game and I have to fight vs an invisible goliath, we lose. I restart my evolve once again to prevent from getting an invisible monster and go to start a new game. Guess what? 1200 second (20 minute) deserter penalty!!! Once again I was punished for no reason for something I have no control over. So I ask, why am I getting deserter penalties for games I am rejoining? @MacMan

tl;dr getting deserter penalties for games I am rejoining before the game ends


20 minutes? WOW… that’s a lot of time… i got penalized once, i quit a game to join my friends, but we couldn’t start because i was penalized 130 sec… but 20 minutes, that’s a lot. I’m not to sure if it’s such a great idea.

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It’s a great idea to punish leavers with progressive penalty system. But implementing it wihout crash protection(ability to rejoin crashed game without penalty) is I D I O T I C.

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Yep, definitely need more intelligent system for this. When one of hunters or monster disconnects, game should auto pause and give say 2 minutes to a person who crashed/disconnected to rejoin. While not allowing people with different names/ip to join instead of disconnected ones.

I mean, we probly already waited in a lobby for 10 minutes, we won’t mind to wait for another 2 minutes to be able to finish that game properly. Please, this function was needed since day one (as well as ranked play).

I’d move this thread to suggestions (not that this wasn’t suggested months ago, but still).

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But someone can simulate crash and just kill game process. That would be easiets way to ragequit without penalty. I know, protocol errors sometimes happens to me, or dc because “steam profile not signed?!”. But I see no good solution to resolve it. Only reducing crashes and dc.

No, I mean if they won’t re-join same game within 2 minutes while game is paused, they’d get deserter penalty. But only if they didn’t rejoin.

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Provided than they will be put in the same match, casue game can quicker find replacement or queue him/her to other match. Those 2 min waiting specially for the same guy might be too much considering it takes so much time to find any team. If TRS shorten that time it would be more viable. And currently if someone quits during choosing character (not class) whole match is terminated and new monster is being queued.

Of course he has to be able to join the same match bro, that’s the whole point. Obviously this suggestion is including some sort of re-join button that TRS would implement.

After waiting for 20+ minutes in matchmaking, game just crashed (on X1) mid-match at the most sublime moment - I was under the impression I was stomping the Behemoth…

So the game auto-restarted itself and I was greeted with a note “You’ve been penalized for leaving a match bla-bla…”

Doesn’t this game has some sort of exception handling so it detects what actually happens?

There has to be a way of detecting a denying disconnect and a leave tho. It comes up with different messages depending on what happens. N iv played games b4 that have a separate stat line telling people how many disconnects you’ve had AND how many times you’ve ‘rage quit’

Solution is simple - give time to reconnect to the game. If player reconnects - not leaver. If not - punish him.

If it’s something else(electricity died for long time and e.t.c.) - sorry, It’s your problems, it’s technical defeat.

I left the game while in a lobby to join friends and got 150 seconds penalty.

So far, I have had 2 disconnects/crashes that gave me a loss, but did not gave me any penalty that I know of.

The third time I disconnected I managed to rejoin the game. I did not lose any points nor get any penalty that time.

It’s unfair to be penalized for so long in a forced game mode option…

If there was Ranked and Unranked and this happened in the Ranked mode then it’d be fair because you took the risk since Unranked (therefore fewer damns given) was an option.

Not saying that you would pick Unranked but this is just a thought I’m putting out and about.

Is time the only penalty for deserting? Do you still keep your rank?

It counts as a loss :smile:

There’s your answer right there. It’s not like the crashes and errors shouldn’t have to be fixed if they didn’t also cause deserter penalties. No, the nonsensical deserter penalty is all the more reason for TRS to start fixing the crashes and related issues.

Besides, it’s actually very possible to distinguish a game crash, freeze or error from a deliberate shutdown.
Not to mention the deserter penalty also applies to people who get an error message and are then sent back to the main menu.
That’s just bullshit, in my opinion. You’re clearly able to show players the correct error message like “DEVICE_HUNG” which means you are also clearly able to determine the player disconnected because of an error, not because he felt like it.
Why punish that guy with a penalty?! Sometimes I don’t get you, TRS.
You are not making enough effort in that regard to make sure everyone can play the game.

For me the only problem here is that Hunt2.0 replaced the old unranked Hunt. Sure the playerbase is small and you cant divide it between even more gamemodes but, hell yeah that ranked with unpleasant waiting times(even without penatly!) and penalties… thats only crazy and drives even more players away. Including me.
I’m not gonna wait half evenings for 2 gamerounds

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I don’t think you can safely distinguish between on-purpose disconnects and software errors. Trying that would lead to people figuring out how to force software errors and use that to rage-quit without penalty.
Furthermore, the DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG_ERROR and the “your graphic drivers have been reset” errors are not coming from Evolve itself but from the underlying graphics engine / Windows. So Evolve may not even know what caused the disconnect.

But you should not get a deserter penalty if you rejoined before the match ended. Maybe TRS just did not think of that. It needs to be implemented, though!
So I second that motion. :+1:

Personally, I would rather have a system that doesn’t fully punish rage quitters but also doesn’t punish those booted unfairly. CS:GO uses a similar punishment system and does it better by allowing a rejoin. The issue I see with Evolve is that games are much shorter than something like CS:GO, where there’s plenty of downtime to get back into a match.

Honestly, I would just settle for protocol errors and such not giving a penalty even without a rejoin feature.

Actually with CS:GO you only have 5 minutes to rejoin before it auto abandons the game. I’ve lost internet connection only to get it back 6 mins later.

What I would suggest is something similar to League of Legends. If you quit or dc from a game you should not be able to start a new game, you should only be given the option of rejoining. Obviously this will give rage quitters a way to quit then rejoin before the game ends, although that would be very difficult to time as the nature of this game is very random. (Unlike leagues forfeit timer). A way around this potential deserter penalty loop hole would be to add a report system. Of course people will abuse it and report “noob” teammates, but that’s what review is for.

tl;dr implement a system similar to League of Legends