Why always me ?!


5 preference and i always get the monster … why?!..
please make an option that isnt forcing me to play what i dont like. takes like 20-25 min to find a game as a hunter… kinda annoying.


make monster ur first choice, reverse psychology works :wink:


I’ve gotten monster 20 times in a row recently, with it set as 5th. Everyone is making premades, to play the new hunters.

Find a friend, join together, and no more monster.

Other than that, you’re like me. You aren’t going to get to play the hunters.


shit maybe I should get friends cause im ALWAYS solo and I ALWAYS get the damn hunters…and monster is first pick.where can I join your guys games so I can be monster…god damn


You would need custom for that. ^.^

And then a few friends. Other than that, I don’t believe it would solve any monster getting hunter issues. :stuck_out_tongue:
It would make it worse in reality.

This works for hunters, because 2 players in que together, can’t play monster at all. Taking them off the potential monster list, and removing 5th priority monster players from getting it.

As it stands, you should find it easy to get monster right now though. Everyone is making pre-mades, so chances of you getting monster should be quite high.


well youd think that would be the case…but…BUT for the last 8 games in a row ive tankd my W/L record for quitting games due to me being hunter… I hate hunter… win lose I don’t care anymore I just don’t ever…EVER wanna be hunter…EVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

make a god damn option for this its much over due serious TRS…seriously


My Win/Loss ratio on monster would be the same… I had a 16 game monster game streak, with monster as my 5th. I was so annoyed, I logged off the game. :cry:

But I got to play Sunny today, totally worth it. ^.^


This happens to me all the time. Then I just finish that match hoping I’ll get hunter in the next match…

Loading screen…

Another loading screen…

Oh, I’ve been in a match with a pre-made and I get stuck with monster again.


Yeah, as have I.

You deal with playing your 5th, hoping next game if you stay, you might get hunter. But nope, turns out everyone is a premade, and you get monster no matter what. :laughing:


Except when matchmaking puts you with another team and one player of two parties still needs to be a hunter.
That or there is a bug.

This happen quite often to me and my roommate.


Yeah without group ur f***ed, it was like that since Evolve hit alpha


Well id say this is an issue that should be addressed people should play who ever they want and not be forced to play they least favorite rolls due to premades and i see there are arguments from both sides monster and hunter. PLEASE Turtlerock FIX this.

For now tho i guess il have to find some people to play with thanks for the advice guys.
add me if you guys wanna play. igormaster12.