Why all these C.Bucket and E.Griffin talk when there's absolutely nothing on Laz and Hyde yet?


Laz and Hyde whom we know will be released first? Why we getting all these Bucket and Griffin info and hype when Laz and Hyde aren’t even mentioned about??


They’re most likely still working on them and deciding what to name them, they might also be trying out different ideas as well.

Seeing how the adaptations are coming from the convos though, the Laz might have an outfit from when he was in the Cape of Fear, so Fear Laz? Or maybe the Laz of Fear? Idk, I’m not being paid to do this.

As for Hyde, Chemtrooper Hyde?


If that is the case that bucket will be made out of missile launchers. :laughing:


I think you mean-

“All hail Plankton!”

Edit: I think @Torvald_Stavig made it?


How do we know that Laz or Hyde will be getting released first? Because of how T1 got released? Or is there more to it?

Are we sure that the t1 order is the t2 order? While its not out of left field to be thinking that (I know its a possibility ive crossed), isnt it also more likely theyll simply be releasing these things once theyre done/balanced, and letting that decide the order? Or do you actually have some confirmation from a dev or something somewhere saying laz/hyde will be first?


I just hope they all come out in this patch or at least 2 of them do because Evolve needs more injection of life again,it wouldn’t be so bad if they released a lot of new hunt maps but because they don’t i feel the adaptations have to be their saving grace.When we first heard about these adaptations i was led to believe they was going to be released very quickly as they don’t require much code or work compared to the Tier hunters but as we see again with TRS everything has stalled which is a shame.


It was said in a stream by Ashton that they’re “working on Laz and Hyde and are polishing them up” last year he also said Laz and Hyde would come after Kraken that is released in the spring.


Great memory


We’ve even heard a hint about Cairas’ adaptation! Lol


le sigh

For real though, what was it?


Lol damn auto correct. In the micropatch thread, someone had posted a quote from GentlemanSquirl saying that he was off to work on Q-Caira! Ooooooh!


What’s with these one letter hints? Why not spill the beans? ;-;


I know! It kills me too.


Quantum. Calling it.


Nah, queasy. Sreen shot this,


Yeah. Caira becomes a micro-organism and lives, as well as fights monsters, on a quantum scale.



I had an idea for Hyde. I’m not posting it in the other thread because it just gets lost… (that thread is actually terrible because of it)

Instead of chemtrooper Hyde. What if he got that orbital drill him and Hank talked about? It would replace his toxic.


Would be interesting to see, but if they can’t change the design of the gun, then laser bullets. It’d be incredible.


I figured it would still be a grenade but a smoke one that called in the strike.